10 December, 2023, 21:20

Discover the Caribbean’s Favorite Way of Life – The Dushi Life

Few words that express such a wide variety of positive sentiments like the Papamientu word, dushi. Used to describe a food, person, place, or feeling, dushi is a word you’ll quickly come across while wandering the streets of Curaçao. The official language of Curaçao, Papamientu is a blend of Spanish, Dutch, English, Portuguese, and French. If you’re visiting the island for the first time, understanding the different meanings of dushi will help you understand the positivity and warmth that emanates from the culture of Curaçao.

Tasty Delicacies

Curaçao is a melting pot of cultures, and this delightful ethnic mix is reflected in its cuisine. Menus feature plates with Caribbean, Dutch, French, Latin American, and Portuguese influences—all of which can be described as dushi! In terms of food, dushi can be used to mean sweet or tasty. Stroopwafels, a thin wafered cookie sandwich filled with caramel, are definitely dushi! Savory items, like Stoba, a traditional goat meat and vegetable stew with rich spicy and sweet flavors, can also be dubbed dushi. What about some more eccentric dishes like iguana soup? Although it sounds strange, don’t knock it until you try it, as many locals will attest to it being very dushi as well. 

Breathtaking Sights

Another way to use dushi is to describe a particularly pleasant place. If you’ve ever been to Curaçao before, you know that this describes most corners of the island. A serene ocean view during sunset is the definition of a dushi moment. There are plenty of other ways to soak up the beautiful landscapes of Curaçao. Snorkel past the vibrant marine life off the coast, sunbathe on one of the many pristine beaches or go golfing with the ocean waves as your backdrop. Whatever your preference, it’s easy to create your own dushi experiences across the island.

Welcoming People

As a term of endearment, dushi used widely with children and adults alike, similar to how we would use “baby” or “sweetheart.” Acts of kindness can also use this terminology. The dushi spirit lives strong in Curaçao’s locals. Show your appreciation of the sentiment by embracing the local language. By learning a few phrases in the local dialect, you’ll be able to spread the Dushi vibes to those you meet in Curaçao. Here are some basics:

Bondia – Good Morning

Bon Bini – Welcome

Bontardi – Good Afternoon

Bonochi – Good Evening

Danki – Thank You

Masha Danki  – Thank You Very Much

Ayo – Goodbye

Acts of Service

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