30 September, 2023, 16:49

Catch Bigfoot and Romp Through Flower Fields in Washington’s Backwoods

There’s something about myths that bring together a sense of mystery and magic to any location. Scotland’s Loch Ness Monster, the Yeti in the Himalayas, and North America’s very own Bigfoot, all spark the curiosity of visitors far and wide. Whether these folkloric icons are real or fiction, they have become regional symbols that live on through legend. In the Pacific Northwest, Big Foot’s game is strong, and if you’re planning a spring break trip, we highly recommend Washington to get your fill of outdoor adventures and relaxing moments with mother nature.

Bigfoot History

Originally joked to be a cousin of the Abominable Snowman, the first reports of Bigfoot began when loggers in Northern California started finding unusually large footprints in the forest. As more and more stories spread about this mysterious wild man, people began to take the idea more seriously. At one point, there was even a $1,000 ransom held for his capture. Over the decades Bigfoot’s identity transformed. In the 50’s and 60’s he went from myth to monster, seen as a predator and vandal. Then in the 80’s he became an environmentalist symbol, and society was urged to preserve his home in the wilderness. Today his images are scattered throughout the Pacific Northwest as the elusive guardian of the backwoods, which spark the curiosity of children and adults alike.

Bigfoot Scavenger Hunt

If you’ve ever wanted a first-hand experience with Bigfoot, check out Skamania Lodge in the surrounding forests an hour outside of Portland. At the end of March into early April, they will be hosting a Bigfoot Scavenger Hunt. During the hunt, you’ll be challenged to find Bigfoot hidden in various locations around the lodge. You’ll need to take photos for evidence once you nab him! Successful explorers will win a prize after their hunt and get to take their photos home as a souvenir. Scavenger hunts will take place on March 27-28th and April 3-4th from 6-7 pm in the Gorge Room. 

Reconnect with Nature

Still want more time with nature? Check out the top 10 wildflower hikes you can take near Columbia River Gorge. Fill your camera roll with shots of you and your family frolicking through fields bursting with colorful flora and fauna. Coyote Wall is a 7-mile hike where you’ll hear the trickling water of small waterfalls and walk through grassy meadows to a cliff overlooking the gorge. If you want a quick and easy hike, check out Catherine Creek trail that has a well-paved 1.2-mile loop through wildflowers.

Skamania Lodge

Sleep among the stars in luxury in one of Skamania’s Tree House Lodges. Hovering 20 feet above the forest floor, you’ll be surrounded by Douglas Firs and the beauty that the Pacific Northwest is known for. Just because you’re in a treehouse, doesn’t mean you’ll have to rough it. Each lodge includes a lush king and queen bed, an indoor/outdoor fireplace to keep you cozy, and an outdoor deck for nighttime entertainment. Check out the Skamania Lodge website for more information on how to make your spring break one for the books.