21 May, 2024, 23:27

About Benchmark

Mosaic Traveler. Inspiring the human spirit to explore.


You’re looking to go farther. To see and do more. To become a part of the places you visit, and have the people you meet become a part of you. Not just for a brief time, but for a lifetime.

We can get you there. Because, at Benchmark Resorts & Hotels we understand that the way you experience your journey is unique to you. We’ve empowered our employees to “Be The Difference” in your voyage. In the way you imagine it, and in ways you never could have imagined.

Our diverse and magical mosaic of skills, expertise, creativity and whimsy inspires adventures that are yours alone.

That’s why Mosaic Traveler was developed. To share individual and highly personal interactions beyond the phone-in selfies, beaten path must-sees and tourist checkmarks. We source previously unearthed story content that gives you the opportunity to glimpse the full mosaic and depth of a destination through local insights, like-minded explorers, and hands-on experiences. So you can see what resonates with you and your group, personally, and go from there.