26 September, 2020, 07:58

Trend Alert: HorSea Yoga Combines Yoga, Horses, and a Beachfront View

An age-old tradition that has been around for millennia, yoga has branched out into numerous styles and practices that range from peaceful and gentle Yin yoga to sweat-inducing Bikram yoga. Typically practiced on land, we’ve seen yoga take place on mountaintops, in sauna-heated rooms, and even expand to the sea in SUP yoga. Over the years, we have seen the hipster fads of wine yoga and beer yoga take flight, and even more recently, we’ve seen animal-inspired yoga that incorporates our favorite furry friends.

Animals have a way of soothing us, so it was only a matter of time before their incorporation into yoga became a whirlwind trend. Videos of goat and alpaca yoga have spread like wildfire across the internet. People at home have started doing cat-cow with their cats and downward dog with their pups. And while some view it as a sport and others as a spiritual practice, one thing is certain – yoga’s iterations keep evolving and morphing as the years pass. 

Equine Zen

Horses have become the newest animal to enter the yogi scene. Known for their calming presence, they have a long history as therapy animals, and there are whole institutions dedicated to equine therapy. This type of therapy is known for its benefits in lowering blood pressure, reducing stress and anxiety, and relieving symptoms of depression. Similar to humans, horses are social animals, so another part of equine therapy is used to improve social skills. If that wasn’t enough, interacting with horses is also very beneficial to children with autism since they encourage physical communication over verbal communication. 

HorSea Yoga

If all the talk of horses has already put you at ease, just imagine how relaxing horse yoga is! A new addition among the current yoga fusions, horse yoga combines the tranquility brought on by this majestic animal with the zen spirit of yoga. While you can choose to do yoga next to your horse, many choose to actually mount the horse to practice, challenging their sense of balance even more. 

At Turtle Bay Resort, they have started offering HorSea Yoga classes, which bring the serene combination of horses and yoga to the beach! The course focuses on balance, flexibility, and self-awareness. No yoga or horse experience is necessary, so even the most novice of yogis can participate in this one of a kind experience. With the beautiful Pacific Ocean as your backdrop, by the end of your lesson, not only will you feel rejuvenated, but you’ll have a newfound connection with your equine partner. 

HorSea Yoga takes place every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday until December 31, 2019. Both group classes and private classes are available to book. 

Lose Yourself in Paradise

Oahu, Hawaii, is the ultimate destination to take a reposeful escape. HorSea yoga isn’t the only way for guests to relax at Turtle Bay Resort. Stay sharp in body and mind by opting in for a private training session with panoramic ocean views at the Nalu Kinetic Spa’s Fitness Center After an exhilarating workout, treat yourself to a 3.5-hour Active Spa Package, which includes a ginger coconut sugar glow, deep tissue massage, and vitamin D brightening infusion facial. Your kids can even get in on the pampering fun as the spa offers kid-centric services like mini mani-pedis and facials. Then, of course, take some time to soak in the beauty of the North Shore, with the resort’s private beach and numerous trails that span the 800-acre property.