3 February, 2023, 01:16

Lake Havasu Brings Lakeside Festivals and Parades to This Year’s Holiday Event Lineup

The beginning of Fall brings with it a whole flurry of excitement for the upcoming festivities of Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the New Year. The next couple of months become a rapid-fire of holiday occasions that make it hard to lock in a free weekend on your calendar. To help you narrow down your plans, we’ve come up with our top 3 events to kick off the celebrations.

There’s something about being on the waterfront that seems to elevate any holiday revelry. The reflection of lights on the water, impressive boats cruising by, and the crisp air easily create a romantic setting. The city of Lake Havasu has created a whole itinerary of events that take advantage of the magic of their beautiful waterfront, making it a great destination to spend your vacation. 

Water Lantern Festival

Water lantern festivals have exploded in popularity in recent years. Viral photos from Southeast Asia of thousands of lanterns floating in harmony has sparked the curiosity of wanderlusters, and has inspired many stateside cities to establish their own versions of this magnificent display. This year, Lake Havasu is holding its water lantern festival on November 9th. Not only will you get to customize your own personal lantern to float off into the night, but you’ll also get to roam the various food trucks, live music, and other performances that make this event a hit. The event is run by One World Water Lantern Festival, and all biodegradable lanterns are picked up from the lake afterward. 

Lake Havasu Paddlefest

If you’d rather get in the water than watch from the sidelines, be sure to get a ticket for Lake Havasu Paddlefest, happening November 16-17th. During the event, friends and family will get to bask in their love for all things water as they float together on paddleboards, kayaks, outriggers, and more. Those that like a bit of competition will get a chance to win a Hobie kayak during the kayak and paddleboard races. Apart from the aquatic activities that take place on the lake, there will be plenty of water-related activities on the shoreline, including bass fishing demos, talks from paddling experts, and paddleboard classes. 

Boat Parade of Lights

Following the water theme, Lake Havasu’s Boat Parade of Lights is running 37 years strong, and this year it will take place on December 6th and 7th. Around 50 boats participate in ringing in the yuletide spirit, as they sail across the water, glittering in their finest decorations. Tinsel and twinkle lights adorn each boat as the crowds watch them make their way from Thompson Bay to Windsor Beach. If you’re a boat aficionado, you can also enter to participate in the event for a small fee. As a spectator, the event is free to the public and starts at 6:30 pm each night. For the best views, we recommend staying at The Nautical Beachfront Resort, where you’ll get to see each boat sail past from the resort’s private waterfront. 

Nautical Beachfront Resort

There’s only one beachfront resort in Lake Havasu, The Nautical Beachfront Resort. An iconic spot since the ’60s, the resort has seen the likes of celebrities, politicians, and decades of families that have made it their traditional lakeside vacation spot. Over the years, it has undergone multiple renovations, making it a cool, modern spot for today’s traveler. Apart from its unbeatable location on Havasu’s shoreline, The Nautical Beachfront Resort offers top-notch service and pet-friendly rooms, which means you can share your lakefront vacation with your furry family members. Did we mention each room comes with its own view of the beach? Imagine waking up to the sound of the water lapping against the sandit doesn’t get much better than that!