15 July, 2020, 11:44

Bathe in Jackson Hole Hot Springs Surrounded by Waterfalls

Who says winter vacations have to be cold? While many escape to warmer weather destinations, those who love the snow, but still want to stay toasty should consider incorporating hot springs into their holiday plans. In Jackson Hole, Wyoming you can take your pick from well-developed luxury hot springs to natural springs in the wilderness.

Convenience with a View

The Granite Hot Springs is one of the most popular Jackson Hole hot springs because it mixes natural springs with man-made pools. With wood decks overlooking the beautiful mountains, you’ll get to experience the healing natural waters of Wyoming with the creature comforts of restrooms, picnic tables, and easy road access.

Rustic Retreat

A more adventurous experience awaits at Astoria Hot Springs, where you’ll need to hike upstream along the Snake River to find it. Just follow the smell of sulfur, and you’ll be led to a picturesque oasis, where you can relax among nature. Be careful, as these springs are known for getting extremely hot! The park is currently targeted for redevelopment in the coming year, so if you want to see it in all purity, visit soon.

Waterfalls and Romance

One of our favorite hot springs is the “Hippie” Hot Springs, which is located in the National Forest underneath a waterfall. The springs themselves are about the size of a hot tub, have pristine turquoise waters, and stay at a comfortable temperature. The two waterfalls flanking the springs make it the perfect romantic spot for couples to take a day dip or enjoy some evening stargazing.

A Luxury Getaway

If unwinding in hot springs after a day of adventuring in Jackson Hole sounds like an ideal vacation, then reserve a room at the town’s preferred luxury retreat, Snow King Resort Hotel & Condos. The hotel offers a rustic mountain atmosphere right between Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks and is only blocks away from the historic downtown, so you’ll have access to the best amenities and activities in Jackson Hole.