29 February, 2020, 03:15

Here Are the Top Events to Pick and Choose from During Curacao’s Carnival 2019

Each year around February, Carnival takes the cultural center stage by storm. A famous holiday worldwide, Carnival has graced the streets from Venice and Brazil to New Orleans and Curacao. In the Caribbean region you can expect to see the town of Willemstad filled with high energy, bright colors, festive costumes, and eclectic music.

Extended Vacation

This year’s Carnival will last a whole two months, making it one of the longest seasons for the event. This means you can book a trip anytime in February or March and expect the party to be in full swing. Each week in Curacao offers a brand new list of events to take part in, like drum lines, costume competitions, and horse parades.

Most Anticipated Events

While every day in Curacao is going to offer a different Carnival experience, there are a few must-see events that you should plan for during your stay. On February 4th, 5th, 6th and 8th you can witness the Tumba Festival, a four-day musical extravaganza where groups compete to have their ensemble recognized as the anthem of the festival. The Children’s Carnival takes place on February 24th and showcases children’s interpretation of the festival, with their very own mini king and queen of Carnival! The Farewell Parade or Marcha di Despedida on March 5th features elaborate floats that light up at midnight and the burning of the Momo, a straw-filled doll, which represents bad luck.

See the full list of events below:

February Activities

1 – Elections King and Queen Teens

2 – Elections King, Queen, and Joker

3 – Elections Kids King, Queen, and Joker

4 – 1st Night Tumba Festival

5 – 2nd Night Tumba Festival

6 – 3rd Night Tumba Festival

8 – Final Night Tumba Festival

9 – Kids Street Party

16 – Bikes with Light Parade

17 – Horse Parade

22 – Banda Abou Street Party

23 – Battle of the Drums

24 – Children’s Carnival

March Activities

1 – Teens Parade

2 – Banda Abou Parade

3 – Grand Parade

4 – Final Kids and Teens Parade

5 – Final Grand Parade

9 – Carnival Closing | Carnival Village 2019

16 – Prize Announcements Kids, Teens, and Adults Parades

Celebrate in Style

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