14 June, 2024, 12:50

Stargazers’ Delight

Prepare to be captivated by the wonders of astro-tourism, not only in outer space but right here on our own planet. While the prospect of space tourism may be hard to wrap our heads around, let us not overlook the extraordinary astro-tourism opportunities available to us on Earth. From awe-inspiring destinations to hotels with dedicated night sky programs, embark on an extraordinary celestial adventure at one of these remarkable Benchmark Resorts & Hotels properties:

Stargazers of Hawaii at Turtle Bay Resort

Immerse yourself in a captivating celestial journey on the breathtaking North Shore of Oahu at Turtle Bay Resort. Delve into the realms of planets, stars, and beyond, all while gaining a deeper understanding of Hawaiian culture. Join Stargazers of Hawaii for an intimate and private event where you’ll have the privilege of exploring the sparkling night sky through a powerful telescope. Accompanied by Turtle Bay Resort’s expert astronomer, you’ll unravel the mysteries of constellations and discover the fascinating world of Hawaiian navigation.

Stargazing at Red Mountain Resort

With its dry climate, higher elevations, and vast open spaces, Utah is an idyllic destination to witness the extraordinary beauty of the Milky Way. Every week, Red Mountain Resort offers an enchanting stargazing experience that showcases the celestial wonders of the desert sky. Guests are invited to peer through telescopes, revealing breathtaking views of moons, nebulas, and planets, all while gaining valuable insights into the realm of astronomy. As a complimentary activity for guests participating in Red Mountain Resort’s inclusive retreats, the resort ensures that the joy of stargazing is accessible to all who seek it.

Astro-tourism in Arizona

In Paradise Valley, Arizona, stargazing becomes an extraordinary and inspiring adventure. The expansive desert landscape and unpolluted skies create a mesmerizing celestial canvas, revealing an array of stars, planets, and galaxies, providing the chance to marvel at the universe’s wonders. From Mountain Shadows Resort guests can venture into McDowell Mountain Regional Park after dark, where well-marked picnic and camping areas offer perfect spots to seek out favorite constellations. For nighttime explorations, flashlights are recommended along the park’s trails, while guided moonlight walks and nighttime mountain-biking treks, requiring helmets with lights, can be found on the park’s event calendar.

Treehouse Views in the Pacific Northwest

What better place to watch shooting stars than the Pacific Northwest, a region famed for its celebration of nature and open, endless skies. Skamania Lodge, on the northern border between Oregon and Washington, provides the perfect viewing perch from its on-site treehouses, nestled inside a lush forest alongside the Columbia River Gorge. Pull a few blankets onto the treehouse balcony and peer up into the starry night sky, surrounded by nothing but serene wilderness and fresh air.