15 July, 2020, 10:49

Clay Courts and Customized Lessons Put This Vermont Tennis Camp in the Top Ten

Summer is the peak time to work on your tennis game. The sun is shining, the courts are calling, and that summertime feeling of freedom is hard to miss. When planning your tennis retreat, you might start looking into different tennis camps. To narrow down your search, focusing on some of these important factors will ensure you not only improve your playing but have a fun and relaxing vacation while doing so.  

One of The Essex Resort's Vermont tennis camp instructor

Custom Experience

It’s easy to sign up for a tennis boot camp and get lost in the mix of things. If the pace is too fast, you might be struggling to catch up. On the other hand, if the camp turns out to be too novice, you might be left wanting more of a challenge and feeling bored. It’s important to find a tennis camp that adjusts their lessons to your abilities. This way, you know you’ll be able to accel at what you’re skilled at and hone in on where you need improvement.  Be sure to look for camps that offer customizable programs that give you the proper attention to meet your goals. 

Rockstar Coaches

Having a professional coach goes hand in hand with having a productive tennis lesson. Reputable coaches will be USPTA and USPTR qualified and have solid years of experience under their belt. Another point of reference to look for are testimonials from past clients and repeat clients, which give you a good idea of client satisfaction. 

High-End Facilities

When it comes to tennis, the court and your equipment can make a big impact on your game. Clay courts have gained popularity in recent years, and many professionals believe it’s the best surface for training and perfecting your game. Since clay courts are less forgiving than hard courts, your strategy and technique are tested. This difficulty level also makes it easier to adjust when going from a clay court to a hard court versus the other way around. 

Location, Location, Location

In Vermont, you’ll get the best of both worlds: a first-class tennis camp with a well-known coach and beautiful surroundings to enjoy when you’re off the court. The The Essex Resort & Spa’s Vermont tennis camp is one of the top ten camps in the world. Located in the scenic Lake Champlain Valley, the resort gives you a true Vermont experience. Also, when you’re not busy perfecting your swing, you can try your hand at taking a cooking class, hot air ballooning, or climbing on a ropes course!