21 May, 2024, 22:58

Elevate Your Vacation to New Heights

Imagine the exhilaration of soaring above breathtaking landscapes, feeling the wind rush through your hair as you take in panoramic views that seem to stretch on forever. Benchmark Resorts & Hotels understands the allure of such flying experiences and offers travelers a chance to turn these dreams into reality at some of their most enchanting destinations.

Gorge Takes Flight at Skamania Lodge

Nestled in the heart of the Columbia River Gorge, Skamania Lodge offers a thrilling three-day “Gorge Takes Flight” adventure. Here, guests can embark on a journey that combines luxury accommodation with heart-pounding aerial experiences. From a glider ride that showcases the scenic beauty of the Hood River Valley and Columbia River Gorge, this itinerary promises unforgettable memories.

Paragliding at Snow King Resort

Jackson Hole has a reputation for its awe-inspiring mountain landscapes and thrilling outdoor escapades. Among the array of adventures available, Snow King Resort stands out with its captivating paragliding experience. Picture this: you launch yourself from a mountain perch and soar high above the rugged terrain, with the Teton Range serving as a breathtaking backdrop. Whether you possess a craving for adrenaline or simply revel in the beauty of nature, paragliding in Jackson Hole offers a unique perspective on the wilderness. With just a few brisk strides, you’ll find yourself airborne, enveloped in the stunning scenery and invigorating mountain air, all while under the expert guidance of Jackson Hole paragliding tandem instructors.

Wright Experience at Sanderling Resort

For those seeking a more historical and serene flying adventure, the Sanderling Resort on North Carolina’s Outer Banks offers the “Wright Experience.” This package immerses guests in the legacy of the Wright brothers, pioneers of aviation. Visitors can take to the skies in a vintage reproduction of the Wright Brother’s 1902 aircraft retracing the iconic first flight. It’s a trip through time that’s sure to ignite the spirit of adventure.

Parasailing at The Beachcomber

For those looking for a flying experience over the tranquil waters of St. Pete Beach, Florida, The Beachcomber Resort delivers with parasailing. Soar high above the Gulf of Mexico, feeling a gentle sea breeze while taking in the beauty of the coastline from above. It’s a thrilling aquatic adventure that adds a dash of excitement to a relaxing beachfront stay. There’s truly no better way to soak up the stunning vistas of St. Pete Beach than from the skies.