The True Story Behind Colorado Spring’s Mountain Fireworks

If you’re in Colorado Springs for New Year’s Eve, you can’t miss the epic fireworks show that blazes off of Pikes Peak. This annual tradition is thanks to a group of mountaineers who scale the mountain during the night each year in memory of a group of five trailblazers before them.

The Original Frozen Five

The story goes back to the 1920’s when a group of friends was working to create climbing trails along the mountain. When December rolled around, they decided that it would be a good idea to start the new year by ascending the 10,000 foot Colorado peak. So on the eve of December 31st, they began the strenuous journey up the mountain, in the dark, and with as many layers to keep them warm as possible.  

When they finally reached the top, they shot off fireworks and flares to celebrate their success, making them the superstars of Colorado Springs. That day began a yearly tradition, and marked the official founding of the AdAmAn club, named because only one man would be added to the group each year.

The Tradition Lives On

Today, the club is open to men and women alike, the fireworks are more impressive, and the climb starts a day earlier. This year a group of 30 will ascend the peak, spending the night in Barr Camp and shining their mirrors to the Colorado Springs community on December 31st as an enthusiastic good morning. Then they’ll continue their trek to the top where the New Years tradition comes full circle in an uproar of lights.

To learn more about the Pikes Peak climb, visit the AdAmAn official website. Don’t forget to check out their list of members to see just how many people have made this tradition possible each year.

The Garden of the Gods Experience

There’s no better place to soak in Colorado’s vibrant landscape than the Garden of the Gods Collection. The resort gives you spectacular views of Pikes Peak so you can soak in the fireworks from the comforts of your luxury suite, and also offers a front row seat to see the sunrise of 2018 glisten over the red rocks of the Garden of the Gods National Landmark. We can’t imagine a better way to ring in the new year!

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