Miami Sizzles – This Time The Heat Is in The Kitchen

Miami is heating up and it isn’t just the weather! The culinary scene has been constantly evolving, and the area has become a hotspot for fresh new takes on what it means to dine out in style. Now is the time to visit if you want a beautiful sunny Miami vacation with a generous side of scrumptious food. Some options to whet your appetite:

Brunch is a Lifestyle

It could be the laid-back culture, the fact that the nightlife is so alluring, or both! Miami does brunch in ways that may make you shrug off breakfast forever. You can brunch without any pretentious vibes and still get elite world class flavor. Josh’s Deli for instance is a Miami staple that offers innovative spicy tuna latkes, baked brie in french toast, and even soft shell crab breakfast burritos. All served to you with a fun attitude!

Unexpected Excellence

Where else but Miami can you visit a Thai street food themed restaurant while still being able to order tasty sushi? For couples or families visiting Miami, get your sushi fix while still having the option to try exotic dishes from various regions of Thailand and the world. At NaiYaRa, Chef Bee who once worked as a sushi chef at Nobu, takes great pride in putting together exotic and familiar tastes. Looking for the ultimate treat? Order an off-menu Sushi Donut and let the chef’s creativity really shine!

Casual Elegance

The idea of eating at a restaurant that exudes “casual elegance” might be as confusing as choosing what to wear for a “dressy casual” event. Yet somehow, Miami makes it easier than slipping on a pair of flip flops and hitting the beach! Bakehouse Brasserie provides the option of enjoying a simple coffee with your pastry. Or, if your appetite is robust, order steak and eggs made with filet mignon and sip a frozen rosé. Miami gives you the option to be relaxed and refined.

Are You Hungry For A Perfect Vacation Yet?

If you are feeling hungry for a memorable getaway you are not alone. Stay at Marenas Beach Resort in Miami, and find your next favorite dish. Does good food, a great location, and savings sound like the perfect recipe to your inner foodie? Book a package to enjoy the entire spectrum of culinary delights and everything Miami offers!

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