Why You Should Make Spa Treatments a Part of Your Normal Routine

For many, a trip to the spa is a luxury they only take once or twice a year. However, in this day and age when everyone seems to be moving at an increasingly faster pace, it’s important to emphasize the importance of reducing stress and checking in with your body as a priority in staying healthy and grounded.

Spa Benefits

While going to the spa is undoubtedly a pampering experience, it can also be preventative. Whether you’re easing muscle tension with a deep massage, or learning how to properly take care of your skin during a cleansing facial, a spa treatment reminds us that we only have one body and we should take care of it to the best of our abilities. We caught up with Danielle White, the Spa Director at The Grove Resort & Spa Orlando, to learn about the latest and greatest in spa treatments for 2018.

Refresh and Reboot

Daily stressors can build up quickly, and it’s easy for that to transform into physical tension. By incorporating regular massages into your life, you’ll release your worries and come out feeling mentally and physically relaxed. During The Grove Resort & Spa Orlando’s Mineral Body Boost massage, minerals are used to stimulate each cell in your body, flush out toxins, and relieve muscle pain. Another favorite is the Soothing Salt Stone Massage, which helps balance the nervous system using heated Himalayan salt stones, which will leave you with a refreshed sense of self.

Glow Inside and Out

Your skin is a reflection of your health. When you’re stressed, not eating right, and not using sun protection, this gets reflected in the form of discoloration, acne, clogged pores, and inflammation. Getting a facial is a great first step in healing your complexion and preventing future damage. In The Grove Resort & Spa Orlando’s Signature Facial you’ll get rapid exfoliation to help even and smoothen your skin and also combat signs of aging. This is all done with effective 100% natural, minimum 70% organic ingredients, including sugar cane, grape stem cells, kombucha, spirulina, and tea extracts. By adding a Revital Eyes treatment, you’ll also reduce puffiness and brighten under eye skin.

Start Your Spa Habit

Getting your spa fix has never been easier, and with The Grove Resort & Spa Orlando’s extensive spa menu, you can find a treatment that’s personalized for your needs, from full body wraps to specialized treatments for both men and women. You can even get a Peaceful Pregnancy massage! Check out their full spa menu here.

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