As You Like It – A Summer Getaway with Shakespeare

Shakespeare might have made your 8th grade English class somewhat unbearable, but now that you are older and wiser, you can’t help but respect his ability to turn a phrase. Shakespeare has undeniably left his mark on modern day life, and for the better. Let’s take a look at why you should pepper in a little literary fun to have your summer getaway As You Like It:

Shakespeare Invented Words We Would Be Lost Without!

Not only did Shakespeare have a great vocabulary and knowledge of many languages, he also invented a great many words that we still use to this day. Among the words we owe our thanks to him for creating include: belongings, eventful, eyeball, and pageantry.  He also created the word bedazzled, which made the 80s a truly special time if you liked shiny beads attached to your denim. Bring along one of his works and unwind during your vacation downtime. The worst that could happen is you look well read at the pool!

His Plays Inspired Countless Movies!

Are you less of a watching a play type of person, but more of a movie person? That doesn’t mean you can overlook how Shakespeare has influenced cinema! Time Out has even listed their pick for the top 25 best of film adaptations of his work! While some movies Romeo and Juliet (1996) were not surprising inclusions to the list, others like My Own Private Idaho (1991) will have you wondering where else you have seen his work. Download one of your personal favorites and rethink how much Shakespeare has done for entertainment!

Attend A Shakespeare Festival

Brush off “ye olde english” and enjoy experiencing plays performed live. Shakespeare festivals are surprisingly full of family fun and things to do. For instance, Lake Tahoe Shakespeare Festival serves up amazing food that is above and beyond regular fair food. You can check out their calendar of plays to find which one interests you! Book a package at Forest Suite Resorts, and enjoy discovering nature as you celebrate culture. You can decide whether or not to don tights and a feathered cap!

The Best Part?

While learning and experiencing the genius of Shakespeare you can also have memorable fun. Wine, food, and great entertainment, really make a summer getaway special. Plus, there is no essay due after your adventure!

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