When Footprints in the Snow Are Better Than in the Sand – Spring Break Your Way

For those who love winter’s seasonal amusements, the warming weather may not be what the doctor ordered.  It is tough to say goodbye to our favorite season, and even worse when it ushers in the end of our favorite hobbies of the year. For many of us who will gladly trade sand in our swimsuits for snow under our feet, the lure of a frosty spring break is evident. With that in mind here are some reasons you should do yourself the favor and have an epic last winter hurrah:

This Winter Has Been a Good One in Many Areas of the Country
Winter has been generous to those who love it this year and made the Farmer’s Almanac proud when they claimed “winter is back!” Whether you ski, snowboard, snowmobile, guide a team of huskies across the frozen tundra or everything in between, it is hard to beat the quality and quantity of snow that has graced many parts of the country. Why not enjoy the benefits of white winter when you have one?

Nothing sets the Mood for Romance like Snow Covered Landscapes
The holidays and other seasonal obligations leave little time to enjoy the romance of the season. If you are looking to share a beautiful and truly romantic moment or just trying to get out of the doghouse, then a cold weather getaway is a sure bet. There is nothing like frigid cold weather outside to bring about a closeness that only a warm fireside snuggle with cocoa can provide. Flopping down on a beach pales in comparison to the endorphins released from a romantic snowshoe walk in a quiet snowscape or enjoying a sleigh ride. Added bonus: Snow works as well as sand when you want to write your names together on the ground… inside a heart of course!

Hitting the Slopes is Your Happy Place
We all have that activity that makes life brighter. If yours involves a mountain, snow, and a passion to carve your way down a slope, then you owe it to yourself to have one last hurrah while Old Man Winter still allows. Doing what you love is the perfect way to relax and transition into the warmer months with a smile.

Warm Food, Warm Drinks, Warm Hearts
Once the balmy weather hits in earnest and menus start listing watermelon salads and the like, you may find yourself wistful for the warm hearty fare that colder weather brings.  Life’s great satisfactions can be simple ones like eating a hearty roast, or sipping a warm beverage by the crackling fire while winding down from an active day outside. If the thought of chilled gazpacho makes you break out into hives, you might want to hold onto winter a little longer.

Your Winter Getaway is Surprisingly Easy to Realize
Resorts like the Snow King Hotel in Jackson Hole make it a snap to plan your last winter escape of the season. With skiing, snowboarding, and a variety of other activities in the area, it doesn’t get much easier to give your favorite season the send-off it deserves. Especially when you can take advantage of their many special packages!  


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