Discover Why Chocolate and Spirits Are a Match Made in Culinary Heaven

The month of love, and more deliciously, chocolate, is nearly here. Supermarkets and stores will begin decorating in shades of pink and red, and beautifully wrapped boxes of chocolate will be tantalizingly displayed.

When it comes to alcohol and chocolate, the traditional pairing is chocolate with wine, but have you ever considered the delights of pairing chocolate with spirits?

Advanced Sommelier Cara DeLavallade and pastry chef Matt Kelly of the food and beverage team at Willows Lodge in Woodinville, Washington, certainly have. The pair is teaming up to share their tasty insight with you at the Chocolate With Benefits event. To say they know their way around pastries and spirits is an understatement. You’d be hard-pressed to find a more knowledgeable and engaging pair to discover the merits of chocolate and spirit pairings from.

If you’re interested in discovering the joy of chocolate and spirits be sure to reserve your spot at the hour-long class happening on Wednesday, February 8th, 2017 from  6-7 p.m.

At the ‘Chocolate With Benefits’ class, you’ll get to know which different types of chocolate are paired best with different spirits. Tastings throughout the class will, of course, be required, and you’ll get the added bonus of sampling some of the most decadent chocolate desserts alongside their spirit counterparts.

Some of the desserts and sublime spirits you can expect to sample include:

  • White Chocolate Yogurt Mousse with Beet Chocolate Cake paired with Barolo Chinato – a special Italian liqueur
  • Milk Chocolate Toasted Hazelnut Bark paired with Pineau de Charentes – a French aperitif
  • Dark Chocolate Salted Burnt Caramel Bon Bon paired with Scotch

“It may seem untraditional to pair chocolate with spirits rather than wine, but what many don’t know is that wine is actually the wrong alcohol to drink while tasting chocolate,” explains Denny Fitzpatrick, general manager of Willows Lodge. “Cara and Mike will walk you through exactly why that is, and you’ll leave class with not only a satisfied palate but also some fun knowledge to share at your next dinner party or fun social engagement.”

Woodinville Washington is a mere 30 minutes outside of Seattle and features 108 wineries and tasting rooms. It’s an incredible place to spend quality time relaxing, wine tasting, and basking in the beautiful landscape of Washington.

For the ultimate ‘Chocolate With Benefits’ experience, indulge in a Woodinville weekend stay. Have a “tasty” good time at the pairing, relax in your luxury accommodations at Willows Lodge, and explore the abundance of wine offerings throughout the region.

To reserve your spot at the ‘Chocolate With Benefits’ event, please call Barking Frog at 425-424-2999. To inquire about accommodations at Willows Lodge, visit this page.

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