Beat the Tourist Crowds and Dive in Solitude in This Caribbean Paradise

For diving enthusiasts, there is a whole world to discover below the surface, and whether your sights are on the Great Barrier Reef or deep water shipwrecks, each sea has a unique ecosystem and history to discover. For those in search of crystal blue waters with undisturbed nature, look no further than Curacao, one of the ABC islands in the Southern Caribbean.

Less Tourist Impact

One downside to discovering a great diving spot is realizing that you’re not the only one with the intel. Diving hotspots like Thailand’s Ko Tao or Hawaii get easily saturated with diving tourism, and in turn, it’s hard to feel like you’re truly at one with nature. Curacao, on the other hand, has remained off the beaten path when it comes to tourism due to its more remote location. This means you can experience an underwater landscape less touched by crowds of tourists.

Beauty in Diversity

With over 85 dive sites around Curacao, you’ll be able to find that special experience you’ve been looking for, from shipwrecks to sea turtles, and bright corals to dolphins. Plus, Curacao offers both great onshore and offshore diving. There are plenty of reputable companies that will take you on amazing boat dives, but with easily navigable shorelines, those that feel comfortable can also take advantage of shore-diving as well.

Pristine Nature & High Visibility

Curacao boasts impressive visibility, anywhere from 70 – 100 feet! This means you can really take in the impressive amount of wildlife that the island’s surrounding seas have to offer. Most islanders live in the capital of Willemstad, making the northern part of the island a remote wilderness that will make your diving experience feel like one out of Robinson Crusoe. Plus, the climate teeters around 79-84 degrees year-round, meaning you can leave your wetsuit at home!

Your Bucket List Destination

To take advantage of Curacao both on and offshore, we recommend checking into the Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort. Spanning 2,000 acres, this seaside resort combines luxurious pampering and island adventure. Have cocktails by the pool on your lounging days and when you’re ready for some action, take a trip with the resort’s on-site diving companies, Bounty Adventures.

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