The American Golf Century Championship Bring Celebrities and Pro Athletes to the Green

While the world of sports is entertaining, there’s something about adding celebrities into the mix that spices things up. Shows like Dancing With the Stars and Celebrity Poker Showdown have all taken advantage of star-studded casts to boost their ratings. And while it’s alluring to watch celebrities on-screen, it’s just as exciting to see them try to excel at something off-screen, whether it’s Emmitt Smith trying to tackle the foxtrot, or Justin Timberlake trying to hit a hole-in-one.

American Golf Century Championship

Golf has hands-down been one of those sports that stars flock to, which is why there’s an annual tournament dedicated to bringing the crème de la crème to the putting green. The American Golf Century Golf Championship, now in its 29th year, continues to thrive as a premier event in Lake Tahoe’s Edgewood Tahoe Golf Course.

Each year a mix of professional golfers and A-list celebrities go head-to-head for $600,000 in cash and prizes. Past players have included: Charles Barkley, Michael Jordan, Justin Timberlake and Stephen Curryand although very few celebrities actually win the tournament, they definitely put up a fight.

Witness an Event for the Ages

The American Century Championship runs from July 10th-15th and is broadcasted live on NBC, and while it’s easy enough to tune in, there’s nothing quite like being there to smell the fresh cut grass and hear the whip of the first drive. Plus, outside of golfing you can spend your day lakeside, soaking in Tahoe’s scenic alpine atmosphere.

If you’re planning a trip, try to snag a spot in one of South Lake Tahoe’s resorts, like the rustic Forest Suites Resort, since you’ll have access to the lake, nearby casinos, and Heavenly Village. We recommend arriving a few days before the event so you can explore the town, try your luck at the nearby casinos, and take advantage of the beautiful landscape.


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