30 September, 2023, 15:44

Why Jet Skis Are the Perfect Mode of Transportation For Your Ocean Adventures

Jet skis have been around since the 1970s, but that doesn’t mean they’re passé when it comes to fun. A staple means of transportation and entertainment in aquatic destinations, jet skis allow you the freedom to go on mini expeditions right along the coastline.

Discover the Remote

When you’re ready to step up your beach vacation to the next level, a great option to explore is by renting a jet ski at your local shop or hotel. You’ll be able to see the sand from a different perspective, and you might even stumble across coastline that is inaccessible by land, like hidden coves or caves. Ask a local or inquire at your concierge to learn about any secluded spots that you can venture out to.

Find Your Rhythm

Jet skis are intuitive and easy to handle, even for the first-time rider. With the latest fashionable fluorescent life jacket and your keys in tow, you’ll be safe and ready to test the waters. Don’t be surprised if you have the urge to hit the pedal to the medal after a few minutes of practice. You might even start weaving your way into some turns and donuts. The agility of a jet ski is addicting, whether you want to cruise around leisurely or zip around with speed.

Fish Out of Water

This is a great activity for those who love water but aren’t so keen on getting wet. When scuba diving and snorkeling are out of the question, jet skiing is a great alternative to allow you to appreciate everything the sea has to offer without going below the surface. And with the Caribbean’s crystal blue waters, it’s easy to spot local wildlife on your jetski, making the entire ocean an aquarium for the taking.

Plan a Jet Ski Adventure

If you want to have a day full of jet skiing without the hassle of planning it all out, book a Jet Ski Excursion at Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort in Curacao. They’ll take care of all the details, and you can sit back and enjoy 2 hours of island exploration, with the best guides around.