10 December, 2022, 05:00

The Best Boston Cocktail Bars: Shaken, Stirred, and Everything in Between

In a big city like Boston, it’s easy to get lost when trying to choose a restaurant to make reservations at or finding out which bar is the next hot spot to have a drink. On the flip side, having so many options means that there are truly some gems to be found that are unique and offer quality service. To highlight the best of Boston’s cocktails we’ve put together our list of top locales that keep their drink menus stocked with classic and quirky libations that keep us coming back for more.

Can’t Beat a Classic

Something that can’t be beat is a perfectly made, classic cocktail. While it may sound easy enough to make, finding a well-made whiskey sour or Manhattan can be a challenging task. At the Eastern Standard, your doubts will melt away when you taste the top shelf alcohol and quality flavors they fuse together to create your favorite drinks.

Our Drink Pick: The Commodore No. 1 – A tantalizing mix of Redemption Rye, cane sugar, lime, and orange bitters.

Get Fancy with Gin

If one alcohol has stood the test of time from iteration to iteration, it’s gin. The complex varieties of a  gin and tonic make it a cocktail that can easily have its own bar dedicated to it. That’s precisely what Our Fathers did with their gin-centric menu, featuring all types of gin specialties from herbal and aromatic to tropical and sweet.

Our Drink Pick: The Aviation – A soothing blend of gin, Creme di Violette, maraschino, and lemon that will leave you flying.

Kitschy Creativity

What better way to bring out your fun side than to visit a tiki bar? With bright colors and decorative glassware, it’s only normal that the cocktails would be just as zany. At the Tiki Rock, they don’t disappoint with totem pole tables and moody lighting, golden flamingos that greet you upon arrival, and drinks that light up like the 4th of July.

Our Drink Pick: The Cobra’s Fang – A bite of 151, passion fruit, lime, orange, falernum, angostura, and Absinth Trader Vic’s c. 1947.

Have a Nightcap

After a night on the town, there’s nothing like coming back to a welcoming hotel room to send you right off to dreamland. At Copley Square Hotel you won’t have to take your cab too far since it’s right in the center of downtown Boston. Surrounded by historical architecture, you can dive into the comforts of your luxe, contemporary suite without a care in the world.