25 February, 2024, 05:28

Take Your Pick of Deep Sea or Shore Fishing Year-Round in the Jewel of the Caribbean

If you’ve ever wanted to go fishing with a pristine island backdrop, warm weather, sunny skies, and crystal clear water, then Curaçao is your spot. Located in the Southern Caribbean, off the coast of Venezuela, this destination offers fish year-round where you can enjoy a slice of island life along with your catch. If you want to visit during prime fishing time, book a trip between November and June, and you won’t be disappointed. The best part? The island offers both deep-sea fishing and shore fishing, so you can plan a few trips according to your preferences and budget. 

In the Deep

In Curacao, deep water is located right off the shore, so you don’t have to invest a whole day or two to get out to the big fish. Instead, you could plan on fishing in the early morning and come back to shore with your catch in hand by lunchtime. The island is home to many fishing charter companies, each one with its own list of trip packages that range from full-day and half-day charters to quick trips and overnight trips. In the deep waters of Curaçao, you can expect to catch fish like tuna, barracuda, mahi-mahi, wahoo, and marlin. 

Pro-Tip: Pack sunshine essentials, including hats, sunscreen, and non-slip shoes, to make sure you’re comfortable throughout your trip. If you’re prone to getting seasick, don’t forget to bring motion sickness medication, acupressure wrist bands, and ginger to keep you feeling top-notch

In the Shallows

Shore fishing is a great option for those that are strapped for time, get seasick easily, or need to stay close to family during the day. Someone who loves fishing can post out on the shore, while those who prefer to sunbathe or play in the water can have their fun too. While you’re not as likely to catch as many fish as you would on a deep-sea charter, you can still have some fun casting into the great unknown. Also, since shallow water and deep water live very close together, you might even catch a stray deep-sea fish that’s wandered too close to shore! Typical fish you can expect to catch close to shore are red snapper, tarpon, and bar jacks. 

Pro-Tip: Tackle shops are scarce on the island, so be sure to bring your own tackle from home. Also, be sure that the shoreline you are fishing on is not private. You can always ask a local to find out or check in with your hotel, and they can tell you the best spots for shore fishing in the area. 

Where to Stay

If you’re going to stay in Curaçao, we recommend staying at the island’s top luxury resort, Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort. The luxe atmosphere, private beach, and award-winning golf course will be enough to make you want to start planning your second trip to Curaçao. Explore the 2,000-acre property, have cocktails by the pool, or enjoy a relaxing spa service. Here “each and every staff member genuinely wants to make your stay amazing and goes out of their way to do so,” says guest Kelly D. Learn more about what people have to say about the resort and check out real guest photos in their testimonial gallery