10 December, 2022, 05:27

See How Salt Foot Sanctuary in Virginia is Bringing a Local Flair to Their Spa Menu

Spa services are always changing to keep up with the latest trends. Whether you want a 100-karat gold face mask or to wrap your whole body in mud and seaweed, there’s a spa experience for you. At Salt Foot Sanctuary in Roanoke, Virginia, they are using their local region as inspiration for their latest spa menu items.

Craft Beer From Head to Toe

It’s no secret that Virginia is a craft beer hub, with over 190 craft breweries in the state. While you can embrace the hops through beer tastings and tours, to get a unique beer experience, step into The Spa & Adventure Center at Hotel Roanoke and Conference Center. Book a “Don’t Worry, Be Hoppy Soak” at their Salt Foot Sanctuary, and you’ll get to bathe your feet in barley, hops, and essential oils that hold anti-inflammatory and detoxifying elements. The heavenly mix also uses salt straight from the Blue Ridge Mountain, barley powder, bentonite clay, and is topped with crushed hop flowers.  

Custom-Made Copper Foot Baths

Another way that the hotel has incorporated local resources is by teaming up with Black Dog Salvage, from the popular show Salvage Dawgs,  to produce the specialty copper tubs for Salt Foot Sanctuary. The tubs, salvaged from local copper, are used in the various foot soaks offered at the spa, where they’ll be filled with various healing minerals and salts.

Sip, Soak, & Soothe

Apart from their beer soak, the spa has three other types of soaks, including The Tudor Revival Soak that features lavender and lemongrass to calm, uplift, and de-stress. If a relaxing 45-minute soak and a drink sound euphoric to you, then you’ll be glad to hear that the spa also offers massages and facials too! While the spa is open to the public, some services are exclusive to guests, so be sure to book a room to enjoy the full relaxation experience.