1 October, 2020, 08:20

Fast Track to the Sea: How to Get Scuba Certified in 3 Days

Sometimes we get so distracted by our lives on land that we forget there is a whole other world under the sea. Venturing deep below the surface is an exciting way to discover a new perspective and appreciate the wonders that Mother Nature provides. Scuba diving is a great gateway into this marine world, and while it may sound like an intimidating sport, you can actually learn all you need to know in a 3-day course and get scuba certified in the process!

Get Scuba Certified

While all the equipment required for scuba diving may look complicated, to learn to scuba dive, the only real requirement is that you know how to swim. The rest you can master through a 3-day course at a PADI dive center. Here’s what you can expect during your course:

  • Learn the fundamentals of scuba diving
  • Practice confined water dives (in a pool, for example)
  • Practice open water dives to utilize your new skills

Explore the World

Since PADI certifications are recognized internationally, once you’ve completed the course, the world is your oyster! You can start knocking destinations on your bucket list like the Great Blue Hole in Belize, Ko Tao in Thailand, and the Mushroom Forest in Curacao.

Get Certified in Paradise

If you’re going to get certified, you might as well do it in style. It’s essential to choose a destination with a PADI dive center that is 5-star rated, like the Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort in Curacao. This Caribbean island offers plenty of great diving opportunities, so you will be able to take advantage of your certification right away.