10 December, 2022, 05:42

Get a Family Vacation Where You Can Relax While Your Kids Learn a Thing or Two

While family vacations are great in theory, carving in some time for yourself, without the kids can be a challenge. That’s why La Cantera Resort & Spa in San Antonio launched their Kids Club Naturalist Program. The program takes your kids on an educational nature hike, so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the resort’s luxury amenities. While they’re knee deep in botany and zoology, you can be lounging by the pool with a handcrafted cocktail or practicing your golf swing on the resort’s championship course!

A Jam-Packed Eco Adventure

The Kids Club Naturalist Program boasts a curriculum curated by the San Antonio Zoo and San Antonio Botanical Gardens. Kids will learn about all the wildlife that is native to the 550-acre area surrounding the resort and explore the nature trails on the grounds.

During the program, kids will learn to identify the tracks of local animals include wild pigs, armadillos, and deer! They will also have an opportunity to immerse themselves in the botany of the area, where they’ll categorize different trees and wildflowers, as well as identify animal scat.

After the outdoor hike, the group will return to the Kids Club activity center for additional educational exercises incorporating arts and crafts. This is the perfect way for your children to connect what they’ve learned about the plant and animal world!

Nature & Nurture

The Kids Club Naturalist Program is available to guests of the resort for a rate of $65 per child and is a perfect activity for children ages 4 to 12. During the day, a resort staff leader will take groups of kids on this 4-hour adventure where they will learn about all the natural wonders of the area. Each child receives a backpack stocked with tools for their adventure, including a magnifying glass, observational notebook, and a booklet filled with naturalist games.

Currently, La Cantera Resort & Spa is offering a special Spring Break Package which includes admission to the program as well as a variety of other perks, including access to two golf courses, acclaimed restaurants and bars, and the award-winning Loma de Vida Spa & Wellness.