30 September, 2023, 15:38

Get a Well-Being Tune-Up at Colorado’s Luxe Integrated Wellness Spa

There are some places in the world that feel like sacred spaces. The Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs is one of those places. Here you can look straight up sheer towering red rock faces that seem to go for miles and witness snow-lined peaks jetting out of the green forest. The magic of this site goes as far back as 3,000 years when nomadic tribes looked at the enormous sandstone formations as sacred healing grounds. Today, the Garden of the Gods has kept its roots in health and prosperity and has attracted people internationally to experience a disconnected world that promotes well being. 

The new STRATA Integrated Wellness Spa is the Garden of the God’s health and wellness mecca. A premier relaxation and rejuvenation center, the spa offers an abundance of health programs that aim to improve your body, mind, and spirit and have long-lasting benefits. This is your one-stop-shop for some real self-care.

Heal the Body

When it comes to your physical health, the comprehensive services at STRATA Integrated Wellness Spa leave no rock left unturned. Dive into your DNA with their genetic testing analysis where, unlike at home tests like 23andMe, you’ll have a medical expert with you to walk you through the results. They’ll help you understand any risks you may have and inform you on how to optimize your health. Go a step further with STRATA’s Finger-Stick Blood Test, and you’ll get an accurate fitness and nutrition assessment and a 90-day snapshot of your glucose levels. Need a vitality boost? With IV Nutritional Therapy, you’ll get essential amino acids, vitamins, and minerals delivered right into your bloodstream. The result? A boost in energy, increased immunity, and an improved sense of well-being. 

Promote the Mind

Have you ever wanted to meditate, but find it hard to concentrate? Look no further than the meditation classes and workshops offered at STRATA Integrated Wellness Spa. During their 3-hour A Day of Mindfulness workshop, you’ll learn the in’s and out’s of being zen by mastering the art of sitting meditation, walking meditation, mindful eating, and breathing exercises. Don’t have time for a full day of mediation? Try one of their hour-long courses that give you the basic tools you’ll need to start making meditation a part of your daily routine. 

Where to Stay

When you step inside the Garden of the Gods Resort and Club, you can see why they offer memberships—it’s the type of place you can’t just experience one time. STRATA Integrated Wellness Spa is only a small part of this resort’s allure. Take advantage of Colorado’s 300 days of sunshine and take a dip in the resort’s Three Graces Pool Complex, where you can soak in stunning blue skies and the iconic surrounding red rock mountains. Play a round of golf on their expansive 27-hole Kissing Camels Golf Course or opt for a game of tennis in one of their indoor or outdoor courts. With the option to book a luxury suite, cottage, or casita, you’ll get to experience the best of Colorado in style and comfort. 

Looking to give yourself the ultimate self-care pampering experience? Check out Garden of the Gods Resort and Club’s Spa & Wellness Package, and get $150 in spa credit at STRATA Integrated Wellness Spa.