15 July, 2020, 11:52

Float Like a Butterfly During This Otherworldly Spa Treatment

When you enter the Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs, it’s easy to see how it received its glorious name. Towering rock spires and watercolor sunsets have made this spot a go-to for those looking to get back in touch with Mother Nature. As a town, Colorado Springs seems to reflect this down to earth mentality, with health and wellness stores thriving in the area. This fusion of nature and health have made Colorado Springs a top destination for those seeking real R&R.

Relax Your Body, Mind, and Spirit

At the Pranava Yoga Center, they believe that those who incorporate yoga as a life practice can deeply improve their well being. Stopping by for a mindful 6am Morning Yoga session is the perfect way to start your day feeling refreshed and concentrated. Check their schedule for free meditation classes that help you reconnect to your inner self.

Get Your Health Baseline

For a more high-tech approach to understanding your personal health, make an appointment at Garden of the God Collection’s International Health & Wellness Center. Here you’ll experience state of the art techniques that combine both Eastern and Western philosophies. One of our favorites is their Bod Pod system which pinpoints your exact lean muscle and fat mass. Their analysis will help you fine tune an effective nutrition and fitness plan for your specific body type.

Float in Space

At the Spa at Garden of the Gods Collection, you can have an otherworldly experience in their Pure Sense Soft Pack bed. Inside, you’ll float weightlessly and be enveloped by warmth and vibrations of music that illuminate your own private cocoon. A single hour-long session will give you the benefits of many hours of sleep, as well as a reduction in mental and physical stress. This is just one of many unforgettable therapeutic experiences that the spa offers. You can check out their full spa menu here.

Get Inspired by Stunning Colorado Views

When you wake up in a luxurious room at the Garden of the Gods Collection, you’ll wake up to the sunrise glistening over Pikes Peak illuminating the rust-colored rock formations nearby. Beyond a resort, the Garden of the Gods Collection offers a private club, wellness center, and spa, providing a well-rounded stay.