22 August, 2019, 08:11

Dollywood’s Wildwood Grove Brings the Magic of the Forest to Life for the Whole Family

Step into the Smoky Mountains to discover a theme park that beats the crowds and offers a unique family-centered experience like no other. At Dollywood Theme Park, every corner of the park was designed to ignite the imagination and make you feel like you’ve transported into a magical wonderland. With over 45 rides and attractions to choose from, you and your family will be able to tailor your own adventure through the park. 

For a sneak peek at what you can expect, here’s a look at Wildwood Grove, the newest area to be unveiled at Dollywood.

Meet New Friends

Step into Wildwood Grove, and you’ll discover an enchanted forest where fairies frolic and bears greet you with open arms. Meet Flit and Flutter, Wildwood Grove’s fairy ambassadors who can be spotted spreading their charm throughout the grove. Stop to say hello, and you just might come away with some fairy dust for the road ahead! Wander around the Wildwood Tree, and you’ll get to see another grove neighbor, Benjamin Bear, a gentle giant who loves to give a good bear hug.

Have an Animal Frenzy

Bears aren’t the only wildlife around Wildwood Grove. Feel what it’s like to be in a bug’s life on Dragonflier, a twisting rollercoaster ride that soars you over the Smoky Mountains on the wings of a dragonfly. Next, follow the sounds of bluegrass to the marsh of Frogs & Fireflies, a playful game of chase where you’ll hop from lily pad to lily pad in search of some tasty fireflies. Feeling daring? Take a ride on one of the local bears as they take you on a tour through Wildwood Grove’s sparkling streams and lush backwoods.

See the Dragonflier take flight in this video.

The Sounds of Nature

If you ever need a meeting place, just follow the butterflies to the large trunk of the Wildwood tree. This towering monument in the center of the grove has musical instruments growing from its roots. Across the way, you can make a splash-worthy stop at Wildwood Creek. Cool off in fountains of water and take turns skipping rocks while you wade in the refreshing creek. Stop by the waterfall for a family selfie or start a jam session with the numerous musical instruments along the creek’s shores.

Where to Recharge

A day of adventure will leave even the most experienced explorer needing a nap. Luckily Dollywood theme park has its own resort, Dollywood’s DreamMore Resort and Spa™. The resort was built with families in mind, and each amenity is geared towards creating quality family moments. Here you can spend your days having fun at the theme park next door, splash around the resort’s watering hole, or take a quick ride over to the Smoky Mountains for some local sightseeing.