30 September, 2022, 03:27

Dollywood’s DreamMore Resort Scavenger Hunt

I think it is safe to say there is a lot to see at Dollywood’s DreamMore Resort and Spa. From the dazzling lobby to the rolling mountains in the distance, it is almost too hard to absorb it all.

Because there are so many details, we don’t want you to miss a thing during your stay, and that is why we have created a scavenger hunt for the whole family! Turn your down time into family-friendly competition as you search from the entrance to the hallways and even out back, uncovering the hidden treasures of Dollywood’s DreamMore Resort and Spa. So grab a notepad, get to hunting and be sure to take many pictures along the way!

And, in case you want to print this we created a PDF you can print. The answers are separate, in case you don’t want anyone to cheat!

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1. Don’t let your excitement upon arrival cause you to miss the details! What three instruments mark your welcome at Dollywood’s DreamMore Resort and Spa?


2. We invite you to slow down and enjoy simple pleasures—like reading. What book is displayed in the seating area?


3. Make your way to sit by the fireplace in the living room. What dainty gems do you see adorning framed instruments?


4. While hanging out by the fireplace, you can enjoy a kingly competition with what classic game?


5. Step out onto the back porch for some fresh air. Which thrilling slide can you spot at Dollywood’s Splash Country?


6. Follow your nose to the DM Pantry. Which Dollywood staple is made fresh at the Grist Mill and now here at the resort?


7. This one may take some walking around—we invite you to enjoy rocking with us. How many rocking chairs do you see around the property?


8. On the first floor, you’ll see a display case that’s very important to Dolly. What items are inside?


9. Linger in the lounge outside Song & Hearth Restaurant. What fruit is prominently featured?


10. It’s hard to believe, but it’s not an all-inclusive list. Dolly’s album hall doesn’t feature all of her records. Which album is the last one on display?


11. Kick your feet up, relax and recharge at The Spa at Dollywood’s DreamMore Resort. What services can you have when you book an appointment here?


12. Walk around the corner from The Spa. What popular Dollywood attraction is featured as you walk toward the family wing of the resort?


13. It’s all about family time. Gather your loved ones and head to the Game Room for some laughs and fun. Which game will have you slicing fruit like a Samurai?


14. Make a splash or lounge in a chair by The Swimming Hole. The pool features a hot tub, zero-depth entry, a moving current, and is as deep as how many feet?


15. Grab a seat near the playground. Two benches are nods to Dolly Parton’s 1996 development of what program?


16. It’s a great photo op: stop at the barn and pose by the truck. Do you know the make?


17. Most fire pits around the property have gas flames, but it takes an old-fashioned fire to roast marshmallows for what traditional treat? Enjoy one near the barn out back.


18. Play a game of toss! You’ll find bags and boards for what backyard game?


19. Find Dollywood’s well-known logo designed into the landscaping. What do you see?


20. Call it sustainable; call it responsible. What kind of garden does the resort offer that will garnish food and drinks nicely?