10 December, 2022, 06:29

Dive Into the Mind Behind the Head Chef of Vermont’s Top Culinary Resort

Sometimes the best vacations involve two things: eating and sleeping. If you’re the type that takes your R&R seriously, you might want to consider making a culinary resort your next vacation destination. Wake up each morning with a leisurely stroll through the rustic countryside and learn about local ingredients that you’ll get to enjoy at every meal. Taste menus crafted by chefs dedicated to showcasing unique flavors and learn their secrets in after-meal workshops.

The Makings of Something Great

What makes these types of resorts an excellent option is not only their top-notch service, hospitality, and amenities, but the collaboration of their culinary team to create an enriching gastronomic experience. At The Essex, for example, they have a group of highly qualified chefs that will not only come up with delicious plates but also provide you with educational opportunities.

Behind the Perfect Menu

Executive Chef, Anthony Jones, has a forward-thinking outlook when it comes to food which he learned during his culinary studies under Vermont’s only Master Chef, Anton Flory. When he was asked to describe how to create the perfect menu, he said:

“The process is a bit lengthy. The fun part is to create a new dish and do samples plates to make sure the flavor, texture, and presentation are what I want. There are many considerations to think of while creating a new menu item or a whole new menu.”

Other factors to think about are price point, availability of ingredients, overall balance of the menu, and the cooking and plating process involved with each dish.

An Interactive Experience

At Junction, an intimate and interactive restaurant at The Essex, their open kitchen lets you observe as each dish is made, and some are even prepared table-side. Through the night, chefs will guide you through the menu giving pairing recommendations and inside knowledge into how each plate was crafted.

Whether you’re planning a romantic retreat, gourmet getaway, or a spa escape, a visit to Vermont’s premier culinary resort might be just the thing to refresh and recharge you.