1 October, 2020, 07:26

Seagrass Takes the Stage as the Focal Point in Boston’s Newest Pop-Up Art Gallery

Boston is no stranger to the art scene, and Boston’s art sector attracts more visitors than sports games! With a cultural event happening every nine minutes in Boston, it’s easy to find one that satisfies your intellectual fancies. Museums, galleries, and underground art spaces are sprawled throughout the city, and one of the most recent additions is a pop-up gallery in Boston’s iconic downtown hotel, Copley Square Hotel.

Art Square Gallery

The Art Square Gallery Pop-Up is officially launching and will be open to guests and the public. The gallery is a naturally-lit, intimate space that will display artwork from local and visiting artists, and feature different workshops and events throughout the season. The first artist showcased in the gallery is Nedret Andre, a Boston-based artist whose art tells a story of sustainability.

Ocean Life

In the summer series, Ocean Life, Nedret interprets seagrass in an abstract and dazzling display of colors that buzz with energy. The solo show is meant to increase awareness surrounding the importance of seagrass in the marine ecosystem and the threat that global warming has on this vital plant. The buildup of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is being absorbed like a sponge into our oceans, creating an acidic environment. Not only does seagrass reduce this change by absorbing carbon dioxide through photosynthesis, but it is also home to numerous underwater species.

A Look Inside the Art

Here is a preview of some of Nedret’s work that will be on display at the gallery:

Summer Events

Visitors of the Copley Square Hotel will also have the opportunity to join in on printmaking and painting workshops with Andre on July 18th. The workshops will be followed by a lecture highlighting the importance of seagrass with Julie Simpson, a coastal aquatic ecologist with the MIT Sea Grant College Program. You can RSVP for the event here, and if you stay at the hotel you can take advantage of various special discounted rates.