21 April, 2024, 07:21

The Adventurist

Stilt house in biscayne park, miami

Stiltsville: A Prohibition Era Vacation Spot Turned Marine Reservation

Experience something a bit out of the ordinary on your next trip to Florida by taking a…

woman in the woods

Japanese “Forest Bathing” Takes Being One With Nature to a New Level

In this day and age, it’s become harder and harder to unplug from technology and enjoy a day outdoors….

family looking out over a mountain

Elevated Mountain Experiences Await in North Carolina at Iconic High Hampton Resort in Cashiers

Amidst the high mountains of Western North Carolina lies a storied lodge that has kept its southern charm intact…

four phases of a golf swing

PGA Pro Tips: How to Stop From Coming Over the Top

In the sport of golf, your stance and posture can make or break your swing. If you don’t position…

Girl dong yoga by a lake

Float Like a Butterfly During This Otherworldly Spa Treatment

When you enter the Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs, it’s easy to see how it received its…

pink salt

Dive Into the Himalayas With a Relaxing Salt Sauna

In today’s fast-paced world, it’s challenging to take the time for a vacation. Many seek a mindful refuge in…

spices in spoons

Dark Chocolate, Leather Spice, Cloves and Creme Brulee? It’s Not Dessert; It’s the Perfect Old Fashioned

Those with a penchant for whiskey know that the best medicine on a cold night is a splash of…

Group of friends drinking and having party on sailing boat

Looking For The Wildest New Year’s Eve Party? Head to Curaçao

There are New Year’s Eve parties, and then there’s Fuikdag. Hailed as one of the biggest and wildest parties you’ve…

a couple hiking in hawaii

From Tame to Treacherous – 5 Oahu Hikes You Won’t Want to Skip This Fall

It’s been said before, but we’ll say it again – Hawaii is absolutely incredible in fall. When picturing oneself on…

Hawksbill Turtle and Diver

For Some of the Best Scuba Diving This Season, Venture to the Caribbean

There’s something otherworldly about being under the sea. Or rather, in the sea. Though you’re still on the same…