30 September, 2022, 02:08

The Adventurist

Group of friends drinking and having party on sailing boat

Looking For The Wildest New Year’s Eve Party? Head to Curaçao

There are New Year’s Eve parties, and then there’s Fuikdag. Hailed as one of the biggest and wildest parties you’ve…

a couple hiking in hawaii

From Tame to Treacherous – 5 Oahu Hikes You Won’t Want to Skip This Fall

It’s been said before, but we’ll say it again – Hawaii is absolutely incredible in fall. When picturing oneself on…

Hawksbill Turtle and Diver

For Some of the Best Scuba Diving This Season, Venture to the Caribbean

There’s something otherworldly about being under the sea. Or rather, in the sea. Though you’re still on the same…

spotted horse

How Horses Can Teach Us Emotional Intelligence and Effective Leadership

Amanda Madorno is an Equine Experiential Learning instructor who teaches people that the most effective communication relies on our…

child underwater with turtles

Where to Swim with Sharks, Turtles & Tarpons in the Caribbean

There’s a one-inch thick piece of plexiglass between you and the eight-foot tiger and nurse sharks. Sure, even if…

cowboy during a rodeo

Texas Rodeo Cowboys Work Long Hours for 8 Seconds of Glory

It all comes down to eight seconds. Eight mind-searing seconds of thrashing, whipping and flailing, when a cowboy attempts…