25 February, 2024, 06:21

Blue Seas and Ocean Breeze Make the Caribbean One of the Most Scenic Golf Destinations in the World

Amazing Weather

Year-round golfing is easily accessible with the idyllic weather found in Curacao. With temperatures hovering in the 80’s and a cool ocean breeze to break up the heat, the island offers a pleasant recluse to practice your game. Also, since Curacao is located below the hurricane belt, you’ll be welcomed by a sunny course every morning.

Spectacular Views

Imagine eyeing 18 holes of course surrounded by sparkling blue sea and lush coastal vegetation. In Curacao, you’ll have an impressive landscape to enjoy at every step along your game. But be warned, it’s easy to get lost in thought while admiring the island’s famous “Spanish Waters” and Tafelberg mountain.

Island Time

There’s something about being on an island that slows down time. In Curacao, you can feel the tranquility the minute you step onto the sand. Here it’s all about savoring the moment and making the most of your experience. This is the perfect place to rest, recharge, and indulge in a relaxing game of golf.

Engaging Courses

Discover the #1 ‘Best Caribbean Golf Course’ according to USA Today’s 2018 & 2019 Readers’ Choice Awards at Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort, Curacao. The acclaimed seaside Old Quarry Golf Course was designed by Pete Dye and opened in 2010. Perfectly aligned with the island’s coastal layout, the course hugs the island’s hills and valleys and gives breathtaking views of the sea at every hole.