10 December, 2023, 20:50

Packing is an Art – 5 Pro Tips to Pack a Masterpiece

When it comes to preparing for your next vacation, what you pack can make or break your trip. Leaving your favorite swimsuit or coveted pair of running shoes at home can put a kink in your fantasy of morning runs, followed by sunbathing on the beach. By putting in a bit of prep time, you’ll save valuable relaxation time that could be taken up by hours of shopping to find a replacement for something you already have at home.

Of course, everyone has individual packing styles that they’ve crafted over the years. Are you the procrastinator that waits until the last minute, only to throw everything in your baggage and hope for the best? Or do you tend to plan meticulously ahead of time, having your bags neatly organized days before your departure? Wherever you land on the spectrum, packing can be a stressful endeavor. That’s why we’ve put together some packing tips from expert travel bloggers to help you master the art of packing and become travel-savvy in no time.

Your Ultimate Packing Tool

If you haven’t already, invest in what many travel bloggers dub as the packing gamechanger— packing cubes. With multiple colors and sizes to choose from, it’s easy to see how these tiny items become easy solutions for organizing and saving space in your luggage. Travel writer, Lyn Mettler, suggests keeping similar items together in one cube and place them directly into your hotel drawers once you arrive. Talk about saving time to unpack! The newest innovation in packing cubes are stand up packing cubes, like TRTL’s Packing Pods. These multifunctional pods can double as a carry-on bag when your checked bag is too heavy, a toiletry bag as they can hang on the back of a bathroom door, and a beach or pool bag to hold your swim gear.

⁠— Lyn Mettler, Go to Travel Gal | Instagram @gototravelgal

Don’t Pack the House–Rent it!

If you’re traveling with kids, you know that bringing all your baby gear can be a daunting task. Even a simple car ride can warrant multiple bags, so one can imagine what a cross country or international trip might entail. While these little guys don’t take up too much space themselves, they sure do have a lot of baggage! Amber Massey of The Massey Spot reveals that you can actually rent a lot of your kid-related gear while on the road. “A quick Google search of ‘baby gear rental’ or ‘kids gear rental,’ and you’ll likely be able to find everything you need once you arrive at your destination.” This includes bulky items like car seats, highchairs, and pack and play. Many rental companies will even deliver your selected gear directly to your hotel, so it’s waiting for you once you arrive!

⁠— Amber Massey, The Massey Spot | Instagram @masseya

Less is More

If you’re a family of four, you might think you need four different suitcases for each one of you. Here’s an out-of-the-box tip from Family Vlogger, Tiffany Davidson. On your next trip, try packing for multiple people in one suitcase (hello packing cubes!). When everyone has their own piece of luggage, it’s easy for them to stuff it to the brim. When you are working with one or two pieces of luggage total, you’re more likely to just pack what you need and leave the frills at home. This means you’ll have fewer bags to keep track of and less weight to haul around—because let’s face it, if you’re traveling with the kiddos, you’ll most likely be lugging around their bags at some point during your trip.

⁠— Tiffany Davidson | YouTube | Instagram @TiffanyDarlyn

The Roll Method

Wondering whether to roll or fold? Take it from the experts at ROAM Luggage when they say rolling is the best method to save space and avoid wrinkles while packing. Their secret weapon? A good compression board that helps you push all the air out of bulky clothes, maximizing your space by close to double! While rolling your clothes seems basic, there are actually different rolling methods you can use to compress your clothing even further. Check out this video to see five ways you can roll different clothing items.

⁠— Larry Lein, Founder of ROAM Luggage | Instagram @roamluggage

Pack for a Purpose

Now that you know how to consolidate, compress, and organize your luggage, you’ve made some extra space to Pack for a Purpose. Many hotels and travel companies have partnerships with local organizations facilitating donations from guests to the community.  From toiletries and first-aid supplies to soccer balls and school supplies, with just a little effort, you can pack extra small items that make a big impact in the communities you visit.

Learn more at www.packforapurpose.org

National Plan for Vacation Day

Ready to put your new packing skills to the test? First, you’ll have to plan your next getaway! Luckily National Plan for Vacation Day is right around the corner. Mark your calendar and join the movement on Tuesday, January 28th, as many make their vacation dreams come to fruition. Find out more about this special day at the U.S. Travel Association website.