10 December, 2022, 04:57

Make a List, Check it Twice: Your Guide to Holiday Packing

The holiday travel season is here! That means it’s time to brush up on your packing skills and start thinking about your dream destination coming to fruition. The best vacations start in your suitcase. You don’t want to end up on a beautiful island only to realize you left your favorite swimsuit at home. To help you through it, we’ve put together some tips to help you easily navigate out of your suitcase and into your hotel room.

Make a List, Check it Twice

First things first—make a packing list. It’s easy to forget essential items when you’re in the mix of things, and one way to guarantee you’ll forget something is by tossing items haphazardly into your suitcase. Instead, take a moment to create a packing list, so that lingering thought of something missing can rest easy. By writing out your list in categories, like toiletries, clothes, and technology, you’ll also have an easier time visualizing items you might be missing. Need somewhere to start? There are plenty of curated packing lists already available online that you can work from, plus it’s never a bad idea to scan them to make sure you don’t forget that one item again

Maximize Your Space

Nowadays, with strict airline bag size and weight requirements, it’s more important than ever to pack light and use your space efficiently. While there used to be a great debate about the best packing technique, I think most can agree that rolling is the go-to over folding. Not only does it save space, but it reduces the possibility of wrinkling your clothes in the process. Vacuum sealed bags are a game-changer for those who find it a challenge to get everything in one bag. Further utilize space by stuffing items that have dead space like shoes and hats, with smaller items. We recommend laying out everything first and rolling like things like T-shirts together, so you won’t be struggling to find them later. 

Pro-Tip: Use tissues between rolling delicate clothes to reduce wrinkling even further, and throw in a laundry sheet or two to keep things fresh.

Minimize Your Clothes

Do you really need fourteen pairs of socks for your two-week trip? No, the answer is no. Instead of packing like you’re getting ready for the apocalypse, pack like you’re going on a long trek. As long as you’re heading somewhere with running water, simple items like T-shirts and blouses can be hand washed and hung to dry. Another great tip is to make your wardrobe multifunctional by sticking to a color palette. This way, you can interchange the same pieces to create multiple outfits. A quote that many avid travelers live by is “when preparing to travel, lay out all your clothes and all your money. Then take half the clothes and twice the money.” Remember that some of the best parts of vacationing are bringing back souvenirs, so think of limiting your wardrobe like saving a spot for future, cooler items you might snag while on vacation.

The Essentials

Ever prepare your entire luggage and backpack to a T the night before your trip, wake up and get your toothbrush out of your carry on, only to forget it on your bathroom counter after you brush? If this has ever been you, now’s the time to put together a “Dopp kit.” For those new to the concept, a Dopp kit is a small bag filled with all your essential toiletry items. By having travel size copies of all your go-to items, you won’t be messing around with your suitcase after it’s packed, and run the risk of leaving something behind. Another good idea is to keep an extra outfit in your carry on. That way, on the off chance you lose your baggage, you’ll still have a clean change of clothes on hand.

Pro-Tip: Don’t forget the basics, like reading up on your airline’s bag requirements and making sure your name and address are up to date on your luggage tag.

Pack Smart with Travel Hacks

While you may think you have your packing strategy streamlined, by incorporating a travel hack or two, you’ll be amazed by how much easier your traveling experience can be. Use a scarf as a blanket and wear your heaviest and bulkiest items as your airport outfit to save space in your checked bag. Prep your clear bag of liquids so that it’s easily accessible at the top of your carry on bag. Bring a reusable water bottle to avoid paying for a $7 water bottle at the airport. Pack a lightweight, foldable bag, that can be used to tote things around during your trip and as a laundry bag for dirty clothes after. Ditch the bubble wrap and protect any valuable souvenirs with clothing as a cushion. When packing, put heavy items at the bottom of your suitcase to stabilize it when it’s standing upright, and avoid squashing your favorite delicates. 

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