21 May, 2024, 21:58

A Vacation For Cool Cats

Starting in Japan, the cat cafe trend is starting to sweep the U.S.! Little wonder, because for cat lovers, having a nice drink and a bite to eat while spending time with some of the cutest felines the city has to offer is a relaxing and fun time. And, checking out the local kitty scene can bridge the “cat gap” until you get back to your favorite feline at home. Our “picks of the litter” include:


Located in Seattle, Meowtropolitan is a true cat lover’s paradise. Their goal is to create authentic and comfortable experiences –not only for their visitors of the cafe– but also for the cats. They work with a local shelter to help at-risk cats have better lives, including educating their customers on how to properly take care of a cat and fulfill their needs. Grab a drink and settle in, or just look through the large observation windows as the cats do their thing! -Need your own place to curl up? Find your own cozy accommodations at Hotel Deca.

Cat Town

Oakland, California might be known as “Oak Town,” but not everyone knows that it is also home to Cat Town. Cat Town is a non-profit that has helped reduce the euthanasia rates of cats at the Oakland shelter from 42% down to 14%. That is something that any animal lover will want to be a part of! Their Rawr Coffee bar serves up yummy drinks to sip, and a visit will definitely get you to “visit for the coffee and stay for the cats!” Make it a getaway and stay at Graduate Berkeley. You will get to hang out with the cats and everything else the Bay Area has to offer.

Orlando Cat Cafe

For those who visit Orlando, Florida there are more and more places to see than just the theme parks! Why not gather the family and spend time with the coolest cats around at the Orlando Cat Cafe? Each of the kitties is up for adoption, and they work with a shelter nearby to give them a chance to find the perfect home. At the cafe you can play with the cats all the while enjoying a tasty espresso beverage or tea. We can’t promise the caffeine will get you to jump as high as the cats though. After exploring all day, take a load off at  The Grove Resort & Spa Orlando.

Doing Good For Furry Friends

Whatever cat cafe you choose, make sure that the cats are sourced from responsible places like local shelters. The cat cafe should provide a place for the cats to retreat when they feel tired of being the stars of the show. Enjoy your vacation and help out a cat in need, it’s a win-win!