Whitewater Raft Under the Smoky Mountains and Experience the Thrill of the Pigeon River Gorge

Summer is here, and that means your favorite watersports are back in full swing. In the Smoky Mountains, this means river rafting on the Pigeon River. Experience the rushing water splash up against your raft, flowing rapids pull you into their control and the call of the wild roaring from the river’s mouth. The best part? You’ll get to appreciate the scenic mountain panoramas and dense local forests that make the Smoky Mountains one of the most pristine natural areas in the East.

Challenge Yourself On the Upper Pigeon Gorge

Soak up the fun on this high octane rafting adventure! On the Upper Pigeon, you’ll experience continuous whitewater through a 5-mile route that will keep your group on its toes. While there are moments of rest to catch your breath, you will need to stay on alert, as splashy waves and accelerating rapids are just around the corner. This is the most popular trip on the Pigeon and an excellent river option for all groups looking for a bit of high energy on the river.


Tip: Bring shoes that have an ankle strap – no flip-flops allowed. And don’t forget a set of dry clothes and shoes for after your trip!


Take it Easy On the Lower Pigeon Gorge

If you’re new to river rafting, have small children, or are looking for a more leisurely float down the river, then the Lower Pigeon Gorge is just for you. The river still moves briskly but doesn’t have the intense rapids found in the Upper Pigeon Gorge. Instead, you’ll find friendly currents that are a perfect playground for small kids. You can swim, kayak, and truly enjoy the scenic river gorge in a laid-back atmosphere.

Book Your River Rafting Summer Experience

Some say the best part about rafting on the Pigeon is that there are options for everyone, but we think the best part is enjoying the great outdoors in the great Smoky Mountains where you can hike, bike, and water raft all in one day. If you’re looking to plan your next adventure in Tennessee we suggest checking out the hotel and rafting trip package offered by Nantahala Outdoor Center and Dollywood’s DreamMore Resort and Spa, which includes a day of rafting and a luxe room to come back to after your day on the river. Not a bad way to spend the summer!

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