Vermont Offers Hikes From Mountains to Molehills

As the world has become an increasingly “connected” place -–with smartphones and technology linking us to the latest– more and more folks are disconnecting from their devices and reconnecting with nature (as well as themselves and each other) by hitting the paths less traveled. If you are the type who enjoys seeing beautiful scenery but you don’t want to spend a year training for it, then the good news is that Burlington, Vermont has the answer. Check out these great beginner trails:

Eagle Mountain

An all-ages hike that’s easier on the body than more difficult terrain, and no less easy on the eyes, with some of the area’s most scenic rewards. The trail will bring you to one of the highest points along the Lake Champlain shoreline by way of a forgiving and family-friendly route. One of the most dramatic and inspiring points is seeing the area where brush fires hit, and how these spots are slowly regaining their beauty. In all, Eagle Mountain provides the quintessential Vermont hiking experience.

Colchester Pond

Where some trails are billed as “great for anyone,” this fun nature thoroughfare is popular with just about everyone! The trail welcomes paddlers, hikers, anglers, skaters, ice fisherman –you name it! And, depending upon where you want to go, easy-to-spot markers will show you the way, letting you easily navigate to the shore or open fields (and back). You won’t have to leave your dog at home, either! Just keep your family’s furry best friend on a leash and remember to “paws” along the way. The easier terrain means you can focus on the sights and leave everything else behind.

Red Rocks Park

This beautiful park has trails that will allow hikers to experience sights that they can reach after just a few hours of trekking, and they’ll remember for a lifetime. Loop through the shaded canopy of the pine forest and emerge to find a ruggedly beautiful rocky shoreline. Pack a picnic and make it a day of discovering the natural world around you, and rediscovering your trail mates! There are even tables and grills along the route so it’s easy to plan a full day out. If wheels are your deal, take a very short bike ride to popular swimming spots and even more trails!

Stay Scenic

You don’t have to stay in a tent to enjoy all the wonders of this area’s beautiful surroundings. Stay at The Essex and you can revel in luxury and experience nature first-hand.  Be sure to get insider trail tips and tricks from the staff who call this their backyard!

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