An Unlikely Landscape For an Epic Holiday Parade

What could possibly be better than a sparkling parade of lights? A sparkling boat parade of lights, of course!

There’s an inherently romantic essence to all things nautical, and when combined with a bit of holiday dazzle, you’ve got a recipe for festivity success.

Imagine, setting up a cozy viewing site with camping chairs, blankets, and mugs of hot cocoa, all the while anxiously waiting to see a row of exquisite boats parade along. Each boat grander than the next, sparkling from bow to mast in hundreds of lights.

It’s a magnificent sight to behold! On December 2nd and 3rd, head to Lake Havasu City for one of the best holiday boat parades in the nation. Lake Havasu City, Arizona is a thriving tourist town, and though more widely known for its spring break accolades, is also quite the holiday destination.

Each year, up to 50 brightly decorated boats delight both children and adults as they cruise through the Bridgewater Channel, beginning in Thompson Bay.

“Magically breathtaking. There’s no better way to describe the Boat Parade of Lights,” exclaims Michelle Gardia, director of sales and marketing at The Nautical Beachfront Resort. “The entire community gathers, excitedly waiting, chatting, drinking hot chocolate and reminiscing on the previous year’s highlights. Then, once the parade begins, everyone oohs and ahhs, and the magic of the season resonates deeply. It’s certainly one of my favorite events, and we love encouraging first timers to check it out.”

This year marks the 34th year of the parade, and it’s been repeatedly selected as one of the top 100 events in the U.S. by the American Bus Association. Each year the parade has a theme, and this year it’s “Bright Ideas.” The parade is happening this December 2nd and 3rd, and if you’d like to see it, we recommend making arrangements ASAP!

You will find the best parade viewing at The Nautical Beachfront Resort, Rotary Beach, throughout the Channel on both sides between Rotary Beach and Windsor Beach, the English Village, across the London Bridge, and at any of the restaurants along the channel.

The Nautical Beachfront Resort, the only beachfront resort on Lake Havasu, is offering an entire viewing experience. The resort’s Turtle Grille and Turtle Beach Bar feature unparalleled waterfront views of the festive display and are having an Italian holiday dinner buffet on both evenings. Call 928-855-2141 for reservations.

To turn this fantastic holiday event into a weekend-long extravaganza, opt for a getaway to The Nautical Beachfront Resort, which happens to be the starting point of the parade, and offers the best views. The Nautical will feature its very own boat entry – a 72’ houseboat decked out with a light show synchronized to holiday music. It’s easy to love the magic of the holiday season, but not everyone is a fan of colder temperatures. Trade in your boots for flip-flops and coats for bikinis at The Nautical Beachfront Resort, where summer never has to end

You’ll find even more details about the parade here. Visit Lake Havasu for just the parade, or stay the entire weekend, either way, you’ll have a wonderful time!

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