Throw in the Kitchen Towel and Go Out to Eat For the Holidays

Have you ever spent the whole day cooking just to accidentally burn the roast? Create an elaborate side only to have the dog take a heaping mouthful off the plate? Make your mother’s favorite dessert and then realize you used salt instead of sugar? When you host a holiday meal, these mistakes seem to come with the territory. That’s why this year we recommend trying something new – to let the pros handle dinner.

You’ll Get to Enjoy Quality Time

Hosting a dinner party means you’ll spend most of the day toiling away in the kitchen, instead of enjoying the company of your friends and family. If you’re daring enough, you might even try to cook and entertain at the same time, but that’s not real relaxation. Put down the cookware and sit down for a prepared meal instead. You’ll find you’ll have time to truly catch up time with those nearest and dearest to you.

Actually Enjoy Your Meal

When you’re the one that cooks the meal, it’s easy to be critical. Instead of enjoying the fruits of your labor, many of us spend that time thinking that the chicken is too dry or the bean sprouts are overcooked. When you eat at a restaurant, you can actually enjoy the flavors of the meal. It’s time to bask in the glory of a perfectly cooked piece of lamb and indulge in the fluffy perfection of a decadent chocolate souffle.

No Dirty Dishes

After working hard all day to make the perfect meal and entertain your guests, relaxing for a while sounds good, right? Oh, wait, did you forget about the 20 dishes you have to clean and those crusty pots and pans you have to scour? The best part of eating out is that there’s no cleanup involved. This means you can feel satisfied and then come home and enter into that food coma you’ve been waiting for.

Get a Taste of the Exotic

Ever cook a live lobster at home? Maybe. Harvest truffles and make your own Sauce Périgueux? Probably not. At a restaurant the menu is endless, and you have the option to try cuisine you might never attempt at home. Plus, everyone gets to order what they want, so now you don’t have to make tofurkey for your gluten-free, vegetarian cousin.

Treat Yourself

For a truly relaxing holiday, where you can wine, dine, and enjoy a festive atmosphere, check into The Essex, Vermont’s Culinary Resort & Spa. With the whole resort based on cuisine, you can savor meal after meal in true relaxation. Plus, if you feel the pangs of the kitchen calling, they provide a culinary school offering everything from Gingerbread House Making workshops to Cooking with Vermont Beer!

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