There’s a New Horse in Town at the Turtle Bay Resort

One of the best ways to experience Hawaii’s rugged landscape is by horseback. That’s why Oahu’s Turtle Bay Resort is proud to have an expert staff that ensure their stable of horses stay healthy and happy. The resort even offers a Horsemanship 101 course where riders can learn the basics of horse care and etiquette while they bond with their horse.

Meet Turtle Bay Resort’s Newest Horse

The newest addition to Turtle Bay’s equine family is Boogie, an 11-year-old Quarter Horse Paint Gelding. A former rodeo horse, Boogie’s owners felt his calm demeanor was better suited to a more mellow life at Turtle Bay Resort’s stables. Boogie had no problem making himself at home, and he actually started rolling around in his pen, a great sign according to staff.

“Rolling in the pen, that means he’s comfortable and right at home. A lot of horses won’t instantly roll because they are prey animals and when you go down on the ground you are vulnerable,” explains Turtle Bay Stables Director Alicia McCumbers. “Boogie seems to feel very safe and secure.”

You can check out Boogie live in action in this video from Turtle Bay Resort staff.

An Equestrian Delight

Turtle Bay Resort offers a variety of experiences for horse enthusiasts, from sunset rides on the island’s coastline to trail rides that extend along the 12 miles of the resort’s seaside paths. Boogie will be joining his fellow stablemates in sunset rides and keiki rides during the week, and of course have plenty of time off to enjoy his new home. Visit Boogie and the 29 other horses that make up the Turtle Bay Resort equestrian family by reserving a horseback ride today. Here are some of the activities offered by the resort:

  • Sunset Horseback Riding
  • Trail Rides
  • Private/Advanced Rides
  • Evening Rides
  • Pony Experience
  • Horsemanship 101

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