Taste the Moonshine With a Deadly Feud in Its Roots

The infamy of the Hatfield-McCoy feud has been burned in American history and sensationalized through the decades. For those unfamiliar with the feud, it began with two families in 1860’s Kentucky, which were each run by their respective patriarch. On one side you had William Anderson Hatfield, also known as “Devil Anse,” and on the other side, you had Randolph “Old Ranel” McCoy, who many claim inspired the saying “the real McCoy.”

The Real Family Feud

After a culmination of events, including some intermarriages gone awry, a notorious hog stealing, and an unfortunate string of murders, the two families found themselves in a feud to last centuries. At the end of it all, the Hatfield family took the brunt of notoriety, with a tarnished reputation as a group of backwoods rebels. Today, their memory lives on through the original moonshine recipe of Devil Anse himself. The recipe was passed down to his grandson, Mark Hatfield, who now runs the Original Hatfield Moonshine distillery in West Virginia.

A Taste of the Devil

This November, West Virginia’s Stonewall Resort is offering a unique opportunity to taste the best of the moonshine alongside award-winning culinary delights during their Hatfield Moonshine Dinner. The 5-course moonshine pairing dinner will be held at the resort’s Lightburn’s restaurant, which has held many unique culinary events in the past, including a Hawk Knob Hard Cider dinner. You can view the full pairing menu here.

The Ultimate Moonshine Pairing Dinner

The Hatfield Moonshine Dinner will be held on November 10th, 2017 and starts at $259 per couple. The package includes:

-Lodge accommodation for two

-Lightburn’s 5-course pairing dinner for two

-Live music during the event

To reserve your spot at this Stonewall Resort special event, you can book online or call (888) 278-8150.

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