This Summer Pair Your Getaway With Giggles in Los Angeles


In Los Angeles, live comedy is comedy at its finest. There is something about a crowd that energizes a comedy act, and makes the experience truly memorable. Catching your favorite comedians on Netflix may have the allure of not having to get out of your pjs, but some experiences are worth getting dressed for. Make this the summer of laughs and good times by checking out some of these comedy hot spots:

The Comedy Store

Since 1972, The Comedy Store has been a venue for some of the most famous comedians in America. Traditional stand up comedy is at it’s best here. This summer you can catch a long list of famous comedians who are sure to get you rolling with laughter. With three rooms of comedy, you have the opportunity to catch acts that might just introduce you to your new favorite comic!


If you love the unexpected and like to get into the hilarious action, improv comedy will fit you like a glove. Witness some of the most talented improv artists in the country, take this often underrated form of comedy to new levels. The Improv is well known for being a venue where you never know what exactly might happen, except that you can be pretty sure your abs will be sore the next day from all the laughs you are sure to have. Count it as a work out!

Comedy Central Stage

The Comedy Central Stage is where comics come to perfect their craft. Up and coming comedians make this venue THE place to push the envelope and test everything from traditional stand up to sketch comedy acts. The best part? The shows are all completely free, so you can laugh harder while your wallet stays just as full as when you walked in. Why not discover the next hot comedy act way before everyone else does?

Rest Up To Laugh It Up

Getaways pair nicely with giggles, so rest your happy head at The Mayfair Hotel. The chic decor, and central location means that the fun doesn’t have to stop the moment the show is over. Let laughter be your ab work out this summer!

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