Seattle in the 80’s: When Bruce Springsteen Joins Your Cover Band

The 80’s were a time of radical change. The generation was bolder than their 60’s and 70’s counterparts, with electronic music in full swing, hairspray topping the best-seller list in drugstores, and the original “gamers” learning that Nintendo inherently came with a side of carpal tunnel. Seattle in the 80’s was no different; brimming with pop culture moments that have been passed down from one generation to the next. Here are some of our favorite iconic memories that made their mark in the Seattle community.

Icon Incognito

It was a typical autumn evening in Seattle, the sun was setting and band member Phil Hamilton found himself mentally preparing for his live cover band gig with his Lost Highway Band. Somewhere along the line, he meets an enigmatic stranger, another musician, who just so happens to be in town a day ahead of his own performance. Friendly Phil asks him to swing by to check out his performance later that evening, and the stranger agrees. He even gets on stage to join in playing a set of theirs. That’s when it comes to light that the stranger is none other than “The Boss,” Mr. Bruce Springsteen. Not a bad guest list if you ask us!

The Real Underground Hip Hop Scene

Hip Hop was a burgeoning genre in the 1980’s, dominated by artists like the Sugar Hill Gang and Run-DMC. But what many don’t know was that Seattle had its own very active hip-hop scene, and hosted shows with breakdancing contests and live DJ’s. Their hip-hop event at the Seattle Center’s Exposition Hall was especially noteworthy in paving the way for future artists from the area, like Sir Mix-a-lot and Kid Sensation.

A Private Plane Slumber Party

In 1987, it took three men and a bottle of scotch to spawn an elaborate plan to break the around-the-world speed record. The previous flight record was 45 hours, 32 minutes and 53 seconds, but luckily these guys had the right connections with some of the top leaders in the airline and flight industries on their side. They decided to transform their efforts into a charitable event that would raise money to help underprivileged children, which attracted the elite in the industry to pay $5,000 a head to be a part of the momentous flight. The flight itself was filled with celebrities, including Neil Armstrong, and was at the peak of luxury. Imagine a plane filled with foam mattresses, flowing drinks, an all-you-can-eat feast, and movie board games. Needless to say, the event was successful in raising over $500k for charity, and they set the new record at 36 hours, 54 minutes and 15 seconds!

Find Yourself in the Midst of History

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