Recharge Your Mind and Body – Make Your Next Trip One You’ll Want To Talk About

A good vacation recharges your body. A great vacation recharges your body while also enriching your mind. When your coworker asks “what did you do?” with a little planning you’ll be able to describe the cultural experiences of people and places that surpass just a face value visit. If you want to upgrade your vacation from good to great, consider peppering a little culture into your next holiday for these reasons:

Every Getaway Has A Little Down Time
Even the best planned vacations will result in periods of dead time. No need to sit in your hotel room watching television! Sure, you already did one exciting thing earlier in the day, but the day isn’t over just yet! Especially if you still have energy left to see and do more, local museums are a great option for more stimulation. When your child (or your inner child) says, “I am bored, there is nothing to do,” now you have the answer!

There Are Museums Exhibits To Fit Almost Every Interest
This is not a platitude; this is the reality of modern museums. Gone are the days of walking around stuffy exhibits while wondering if watching paint dry might actually be more interesting. Museums and their curators want to engage you in an enjoyable way. Berkeley’s Bay Area Museum / Pacific Film Archive (BAMPFA) is a prime example of this. Exhibits like Hippie Modernism , will have you dreaming of what your own utopia would look like. BAMPFA even offers a drop in Art Lab where you and your family can get hands on and create your own art!

A Great Way to Be More Interesting At Your Next Social Gathering
Social gatherings can be so redundant. How many times do you need to give the same answers to the same questions? Show off your new knowledge and turn robotic social conversations on their heads. After you’ve soaked up some intriguing, or even scandalous, tidbits of knowledge, you can drop your facts into conversation and be the star of the party. Why talk about what you do for a living when you can discuss the mavericks who introduced America to counter culture being classic Hollywood Outsiders?

You Might Be Able To Get In Free
Free really is a magical word! Many museums have at least one day a month where they allow anyone to step right up and join in the fun without parting with even a penny. Schedule your visit during one of these days and you just saved yourself a little green while taking in the local scene like a savvy champ!

Plan Your Trip the Smart Way
Booking your vacation at a place like the Hotel Durant means you will be near all of the best culture, food, and fun that elevates a getaway from good to truly special and memorable.  Snag one of their many package deals to make memories on the cheap!  With all these attractions steps from your door, it would be hard to pass up the chance to give yourself a one-of-a-kind trip. See you at the museum café!

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