Raise a Glass to the Past – Boston, Massachusetts

The Prohibition era, a dark time for those who enjoyed their tipple with a side of sauce. Yet, it was a time that bred an entirely new way to socialize, one that meant hidden pubs and secret passwords. You had to be in the know, and understand that a night of fun when the stakes were high could be the best time of your life. Boston, Massachusetts is a destination that keeps this history alive and well. Some speakeasies to check out:


Make reservations as far in advance as possible for this popular speakeasy style spot. In true to form style there are no windows, and without giving too much away, you may have to find yourself in a beauty shop before making your way inside. Sip amazing cocktails like the Penicillin, made with blended scotch whisky, lemon, ginger, honey, and islay float or the Sherry Cobbler, a blend of sherry, strawberry, watermelon, orange liqueur, and mint. Whatever you choose, it will be a great time!


Tucked away in a parking lot, somewhere some place, but of course in iconic Boston is a speakeasy style bar that you could walk by a hundred times and never know it was there. Good thing you are on the hunt for great cocktails! Try a Manhattan Harbor co, made of woodford reserve, cocchi americano, and lustau east india sherry, and start to be transported back in time. For a fresher take you might want to try the Rose Parade, a frothy and floral cocktail made with glendalough gin.


A bar that understands the importance of crafting a cocktail so good, that you would risk being arrested for it! This establishment is hidden in a basement, where you can see the feet of those walking by who have no idea of the fun they are passing. You can ask for the drink menu, but then you will miss the best part of having a drink here which is the knowledgeable bartenders. Give them a few of your favorite tastes or preferences and watch how they create a drink that is specially tailored to you!


Boston has art, history, dining, and of course wonderful cocktails. Spend your summer getaway making the past come alive. Plan your stay at the Ames Hotel and be centrally located to the action, because visiting all these wonderful speakeasies might just mean you need a relaxing hideaway during your getaway!

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