Planning A Green Vacation – You Needn’t Skimp On the Relaxation

Words like sustainable, green, and conservation are thrown around a lot when speaking about how we can responsibly live daily. However, what about the vacations we plan? Shouldn’t our life decision to protect the earth and minimize our global footprint extend to our next getaway? Here are some tips on how you can make responsible decisions:

Choose Properties That Illuminate the Right Way
Greenhouse emissions are reduced when swapping out old bulbs for LED ones. It makes sense to support properties that understand and implement this energy saving strategy. You can imagine how many lightbulbs are utilized in one hotel, and the commitment it takes to be proactive and switch out older bulbs for greener ones like LEDs. Support energy conservation and efficiency when making reservations for your next hotel say.

Does Your Hotel Have a Clean and Green Reward Program?
Being earth conscious doesn’t mean sacrificing amenities.  A smart hotel can elevate a guest’s experience for choosing to do it. Choose a property that makes it worth your while to cut back on amenities such as you choosing the frequency of housekeeping and new linens. Look to stay at a hotel where you are incentivized to choose to be more earth conscious by providing rewards and perks. These are the destinations that are truly committed to your best getaway experience.

Earth Conscious Hotels Now Recycle More Than Just Plastic
Starting a recycling program is a smart thing for a hotel. Instead of simply chasing the bottom line and doing the least possible, some vacation properties take being earth-friendly to heart and go the extra step in repurposing leftover soap to needy shelters to provide the less fortunate with what many of take for granted.

You Make a Difference with Where You Decide To Vacation
Properties like Forest Suite Resorts in South Lake Tahoe understand that putting environmentally friendly practices into action enhances the guest experience. They go the extra mile to not only talk the talk, but also walk the walk. From LED lighting, incentives to keep things green while giving guests perks, to working with philanthropies like Clean the World, Forest Suite Resorts proves their commitment to your relaxing stay, while keeping the world beautiful for future generations.

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