Offbeat Knoxville, TN – Embrace What You’re About

You are not like everyone else, so why should your vacation be like everyone else’s? There is no shortage of places and activities that have been done a thousand times, but what if you want to plan a vacation that is truly offbeat and more YOU? If you have felt a sense of dread at doing the same old thing, and you want to make your getaway one that will keep your interest then Knoxville, Tennessee is for you. Some ideas to get weird:

Long’s Drug Store

No one would blame you for wondering why on earth you would want to visit a drugstore on your vacation. Yet, Long’s Drug Store is unique and locals have been flocking here since 1956 for a reason. It is your ticket back to a simpler time. A time, where you could get your prescription filled, enjoy a milkshake, and order a cheeseburger. If that isn’t amazing enough, today, you also can enjoy great prices while you sit on your polished chrome stool. You might not be able to pay for your malt with change but at around $2 they will give you a good dose of nostalgia.

The War Dog Memorial Statue

An exact replica of the statue of the same name in Guam, The War Dog Memorial Statue is in honor of the dogs who served in the military as well a special reminder of the bond felt with these truly loyal animals. Hundreds of dogs served in World War II, and visiting this reminder of their brave service is a unique way to pay respect to these animals who continue to serve us each and every day. A solemn but uplifting visit will add meaning to your off the beaten path vacation!

The Sunsphere

Located inside the World’s Fair Park, the Sunsphere is a beacon of hope for those who want great views. There is a storied past to this tower, with openings and reopenings throughout the many years it has been standing. Today, you can take a ride up to the observation deck for free and then enjoy a view that others have enjoyed since 1982. While the restaurant space is uncertain at the time of this posting, you can be certain to have a great time!

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