Miami. A Year Round Vacationer’s Paradise.

When the turns chilly and cold in many parts of the U.S., there are many who pack up and head to the glories and grandeur of the sunshine state. Although December through April is considered the peak season to getaway to Miami and bask in the spectacular weather, it can get a little crowded and overwhelmingly  busy during the height of the most desired season in Florida.

However, with summer rapidly approaching it’s also good to note, that Miami is actually a fantastic place to visit, explore, and enjoy during the summertime. In addition there are a plethora of compelling reasons why a summer getaway or vacation in Miami could be the perfect time.

Beaches With Space

  • Who likes feeling squeezed instead of relaxed on the beach? No one. June through August there is room to spare on just about any beach. You’ll be able to stretch out, relax, take a dip, camp out, and play frisbee as much as you desire.
  • Plenty of beach rentals will be available, you will not have to fight anyone to get a lounge chair. Summertime offers an all-around relaxing and enjoyable beach experience. The ocean may be a bit warmer, but still cool and refreshing enough to enjoy the exhilaration.

Stress-Free Parking

  • It’s a no brainer – when the city becomes crowded, the parking becomes a challenge. Not only is a lack of parking frustrating, but it cuts into quality beach, or exploring, time!
  • During the summer it’s not uncommon to sail into an easy parking spot within minutes of arriving.

Options for… Everything

  • During high season, it’s necessary to book all accommodations months in advance. Tickets to attractions – book weeks (if not months), in advance. High season means lengthy wait times at every restaurant. Having to tell hungry children they have to wait a bit longer is the opposite of a good time.
  • During the “off” season, say hello to options. Hotel options, nice hotel options actually. Tickets are often available day of – but it’s always best practice to check in advance, at least a few days.

Sunny Rain

  • Sure summer season in Miami may bring some brief afternoon showers, but there are many of us who actually enjoy diversity, sparkle and freshness of the season. For example, picture yourself strolling along the beach, when all of a sudden big beautiful thick white clouds start to roll in, and shortly after rain begins to fall. Except the air, the sand, and the raindrops are all warm – and the sun is still managing to peek through. It’s a panorama of beauty, enjoyment and spectacular rainbows.  

It’s Still a Happening Place

  • No, it won’t be crowded (most of the time), but there are still plenty of tourists and vacationers, and there’s still plenty of activity and excitement. So if you’re worried Miami will feel like a deserted ghost-town, cast your worries aside because that couldn’t be further from the truth.

In fact, Miami hardly ever feels empty, and as such, many vacationers prefer to stay in nearby Sunny Isles Beach, Florida, where calm and serenity are the main descriptors. A short drive from Sunny Isles beach will bring you into bustling Miami, where you can explore to your heart’s desire, returning after a fun-filled day to peaceful Sunny Isles.

Adding a layer of luxury to your vacation, consider staying at the convenient and elegant Marenas Beach Resort, situated directly on the beach, in Sunny Isles Beach. Gaze upon the waves softly rolling onto shore from your beachfront room or stroll along an uncrowded beach with your sweetheart at sunset.

Maybe this is the perfect time to start planning your summer getaway, escape or retreat to “The Magic City” of Miami!

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