Meet the Real Old Woman in the Shoe at Oakland’s Children’s Fairyland

Some of the most magical moments of being a child are growing up imagining you’re part of the fantastic worlds that you read about in stories. Everyone has that certain book that stuck with them as a child; the one they would read over and over again until the pages were tattered and torn. Stoking creativity is an important part of a child’s development, and one of the best ways to show how magical lands can become a reality is by visiting a life-sized land of storybooks at Children’s Fairyland.

A Whimsical Experience

Oakland’s only storybook-themed amusement park, Children’s Fairyland has been enchanting children since the 1950’s. Unlike other theme parks that cater to thrill-seeking teens, or may only have a small section for kids, Children’s Fairyland provides a complete experience for wide-eyed youngsters. With over 60 storybook sets, you’ll have your day filled with your favorite stories, from meeting the Old Lady in the Shoe to exploring the winding card maze in The Alice in Wonderland Tunnel.

Other storybook sets include:

  • Jack & Jill Hill
  • Willie the Whale
  • Peter Rabbit’s Garden
  • Old West Junction
  • The Dragon Slide
  • Fairy Music Farm Tunnel

Discover Mary’s Gardens

When you’re ready to relax, take a stroll through the beautifully curated gardens that were inspired by the flora and fauna of classic fairytales. Apart from flowers, the garden also grows fresh vegetables, which are fed to the animals, and it’s home to several rare species of plants, like the Dawn Redwood. Plants are for sale in the gift shop for those looking for a living souvenir to bring home!

The World is Your Stage

Aside from sets and rides, Children’s Fairyland also offers a rich schedule of events and performances. Feel the nostalgia kick in while watching the intricately made puppet cast of “Aesop’s Fables” put on a show at the oldest continuously running puppet theater in the U.S. Watch talented youth perform in the Children’s Theatre, and maybe even have your child participate by taking part in the theater’s open auditions.

A Family Fun Weekend

At Graduate Berkeley, a boutique hotel with a collegiate charm, you’ll have the magic of Children’s Fairyland at your fingertips. Plus, when you’re done with the kids for the day, you can roam Berkeley, the Bay Area’s adult playground filled with quaint shops and restaurants boasting eco-friendly fare. Discover some of our favorite things to do in Berkeley here.

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