Meet Demo: California’s Top Mountain Bike Trail in Santa Cruz

Whether you’re cycling through forest greenery on a dewy fall morning or careening cliffside on a summer afternoon, mountain biking provides a thrill throughout all the seasons. There are a few treasured destinations in the world where you can get a full range of trails and scenery along with a great town to boot. Santa Cruz is one of these well-known spots, where bikers migrate to seek the stoke of putting their bikes to the test on all terrain.

Cutting Edge Single Tracks

Advanced riders looking to get straight to the point should head to Demo, also known as flow trail, a top-notch single track with obstacles, banks, and steep drops. This free ride destination is known nationwide and requires a full-suspension bike and acute riding abilities, so it’s not for the faint of heart. However, for mountain bike aficionados ready to take the plunge, Demo offers a thrill of a lifetime.

As Scenic As It Gets

The great part of Santa Cruz is that it offers a well-rounded landscape of coast and forest that mountain bikers can take advantage of on the Skyline-to-Sea-Trail. Not only will you cruise past some of the largest Redwoods in California and see the glimmer of the Pacific Ocean, but you’ll also pass the impressive Berry Creek Falls. It doesn’t get much more scenic than that.

Low Key and Beautiful

A perfect ride for any level, Wilder Ranch boasts a variety of trail types and is just minutes from downtown Santa Cruz. With so many trails you can customize your ride based on your level, whether you’re a family with small kids or a couple looking for a leisurely ride through the forest. And with trail names like Enchanted Loop and Eucalyptus Loop, you can see why it’s a favorite biking location for tourists and locals alike.

More on Santa Cruz

Not only does Santa Cruz offer epic trails, but the town itself is an excellent locale for mountain bike junkies. Home to big names like Santa Cruz Bicycles and Ibis Bicycles, it’s the ideal spot to find your next bike or accessory. For a full mountain biking vacation experience, call the Chaminade Resort & Spa and ask about their summer “Guided Bike” package. They’ll set you up with an expert guide and a luxury suite to relax and recharge after a full day on the trails.

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